The Usual.

Out of Breath: We all seem to insist on how busy, busy, busy we constantly are. Let’s put things in perspective: tell us about the craziest, busiest, most hectic day you’ve had in the past decade.

Okay, the prompt is pretty clearly asking about the busiest “day” in our lives we have had in the past “decade”. The joke here is decade. I mean, seriously a decade?? everyone must have been busy like crazy a hundred times or more because it is ten years we are talking about, not ten days or weeks. As far as I know I have been busy moving places, finding myself –oh the usual and studying. Each day, weekdays mostly, has been the most busiest, most hectic and almost crazy for the past three years of my college.

Man!! where do I even begin ? The load of assignments and late nights finishing projects just before the deadline (we all do that), preparing for exams and managing social life; fests, festivals and parties… and most importantly – making plans/schedules and not being able to follow them, It was definitely more difficult than writing these three lines. Now that I am actually free and I am doing as I wish, I really can not fathom the idea of getting up at 6/6.30 in the morning, working out and getting ready, having breakfast and walking to the bus-stop and never missing it in four years.While recently when I and my friends planned to meet at a place around 10 30 am, we reached by 11 45 – wow, we are lazy!! 

After catching the bus, half an hour to an hour of journey, reaching college, classes from 9 to 6 (yeah, I am not lying), traveling back home an hour almost and getting down to some work or watching T.V. I think that qualifies me as busy. If not, then just imagine reaching home at 7 pm tired from head to toe and you have to finish a term paper or two, a presentation, a lab practical file etc. and just squeeze in some time to sleep.

Even with all that going on, I and my mates did have a busiest-est (because it can not simply be called just busiest) day. So, it was a day in the month of August ’12. After all the hectic traveling and long lectures we suddenly got to know that we were to submit three copies of our two-month-research-project the very next day. It all started with a small misunderstanding; we, the students, thought that the submissions begin tomorrow while au contraire it was the last day of submission.

Well, after that all hell broke loose, as the examination boards’ decisions/schedules could not be changed in just one day, we all had to bunk our classes. Knowing that, if we start taking prints after reaching home at 7 pm, we would never get three perfect; plagiarism free, properly bound copies of the report, which was 10 credits worth and was still in pen-drives, lacking the finesse, ready for tomorrow. Printing was not the problem but editing, final touches, and binding was going to be a nightmare.

Anyhow, I and my mates managed to get our rough drafts and teacher’s copies signed and accepted before the last day (which is never easy, especially on such short notice) and for the personal copies, which were unsigned, we just used a photocopy of the signed first page of the other copies, clever!! Also, we were lucky that no one noticed the difference. I remember going outside the college to get the print outs and getting the binding done because, the shop at the college was stuffed with batch mates and it was INSANE.

So the money and time was spent well on traveling and our job was nicely and timely done, if I over look the fact that once we did reach this so called printing and binding shop there was no electricity and my heart sank. Fortunately, it was only busy, hectic and insane because all’s well that ends well.


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