Masks on.

Masks Off: We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

Masks on or off?? This is confusing. Anyways, if I am  to dress up as my innermost self then I would not need a costume… going deep – no one knows their true innermost self, except the ones actually looking for it. But so to speak, if I wear a costume channeling what I think represents me the most or I believe should represent me, I would wear none. Isn’t that the whole point here? Any person who thinks that something in this world could project their true self to others, would know that nothing but being in their own skin i.e. being themselves is the best way to do it.

My true genuine self is the only way I could represent myself. On the other hand, if I let my imagination go wild then there is no stopping me because I was taught I can be anything I want to be, and that might not be as easy or true in reality but costumes can make it happen. Also, no one can be represented by just one thing. Each one of us is made up by so many experiences which can not be summed up in one costume.


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