For all of us.

Custom Zodiac: You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

Okay, this is uncanny but a cool surprise. I was thinking of writing about birthdays today, and I was thinking that because it is my birthday. Thank you people at word-press for this (LOL). Well, we all know birthdays are so important and each one ends up being either crazy or crazy-special for one or the other reason; unexpectedly running into an old acquaintance, people surprising you with all sorts of gifts, their wishes – ways of wishing, and if you are lucky enough word-press prompt would let you create a brand new zodiac sign. And The best things about birthdays – cakes!!

Each year we grow older – to it see it this way, we are celebrating the fact that we are growing older – and for some that is a problem. But I say, not being able to make your ends meet is a problem, growing older is an occasion that should be celebrated. Yes, someday the body you knew will no more be under your control and every part of body might have a designated doctor for it. Yes, we might grow old physically but on the inside we only get more stable, more experienced, more of anything that we ever were. Like a tree that grows old but with age its roots grow deeper into the ground and with that it gets a much better hold on its life. See, every cloud has a silver lining.

A zodiac sign based on me, for all of us who were born around this time of the year – a snowflake, I guess. I do not know why? But that is the first image which came into my head after writing “this time of the year” which is, the end of October, meaning beginning of shorter days and chilly weather. Also, soon enough it will start snowing. I would not mind a tree representing my zodiac sign, either. A snowflake suits better.

Snowflake – so many beautiful, complex, patterns to be found, just like the many individual personalities under this sign. Made of water but stronger, just like ever adjusting, calm nature of the people under this sign. Magical and spreading smiles on every ones faces; loved by children and adults alike. Great for enjoyment but too much could be dangerous – so, do not mess with them. Also they hate hot weather, like me. I think that is enough because, now I feel like a phoenix would have been a much cool choice for a zodiac sign (and the phones ringing, got to attend it).

Anyways, the internet says I am a Scorpio, but I think I must be broken because I do not sting. And in reality no two people think alike, so to predict the same future for the entire lot means that they will behave the same… that’s illogical to say the least.

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