Aber jetzt kann ich.

Ready, Set, Done!  Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached.

When ever I return back to the daily prompts, or to my blog for that matter, some how it is a free-write-day. Or my be it is just Thursdays? Ok, the title says it all… I have been busy with my A1 Start Deutsch exam and now, as I like to believe, I can speak the language at a very basic level. Yes, I am very proud because this one is a pretty difficult language to learn, especially to begin with the grammar. It will make you go bonkers. So, if you are reading this and trying to learn German or any other language – just be patient!

The key is patience and, focusing less on the books and trying more to get exposed to the language helps a lot. Although, mine is not a language related blog, but I would still give a meaningful tip as that one. As far as the test is concerned, I think I did well. All the rest depends on the results. Hmmmm, sounds like, any other exam. But it is not like Math that I can be sure about; how good I did? I only know that, It went alright.

Coming back to being patience. Learn it because it is the one thing that will keep you steady and also will help keep you away from a lot of frustration. Now, that feels more like my blog. Anyways, ten minutes over und ich habe spass gemacht. That is what life is about learn, love, live.