By Hand: What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought?

Presents are awesome, but unfortunately I do not receive many, mostly because I do not demand a lot. I never really know if I want anything other than chocolates or maybe a vacation or a gift card as a gift thus, I am happy with my chocolates. And when it comes to buying a gift, I really do get confused. I mean, until and unless someone does not really need something or has given a clear hint as to what they like, how do you decide what to give them? I think that is how we all end up buying the same things every time – cards, bouquets, accessories, stationery, sweets, toiletries etc. etc. Gifting is an art and we need a guide for that.

Recently I realised that, I am not the only one who is lost when it comes to gifting – the whole world is. And I say, that is where handmade presents come in. They are precious no matter what, and if it is a close relationship, the present will be cherished even more. As so it happened once, I saw a person buy a pup for their friend on their birthday and lets just say a pup is a big responsibility and it was proven to be true – It was a big surprise to take care of handle. Another time, a friend almost ended up buying a mouth freshener spray-thingy as a present but was luckily stopped and made to understand that it could be seen as a hint that the receiver has bad breath. Pheww!!

Now my story; simple birthday handmade present – a book mark that looked like a cartoon character and was coloured on one side and had a message and greetings on the other. Cute little thing that I still have, although I do not know its exact location but yeah… somewhere, with all the other things that I have treasured. It is precious and I cherish it, moreover it has a memory attached to it unlike those e cards. Well, come to think of it… gifts and cards bought from shops, but personalised in a way or the other, do make for great gifts as well.

At the end of it all – It is the thought that counts and good times that follow.

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