Not forever.

Waiting Room: “Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

And the title is the answer, do wait and be patient but be careful do not wait forever. Things and specially good ones come to people who wait and that is not because they “just wait”, but they wait till it is the right time to act. It is more like – strike while the iron is hot and not before that, hitting metal while it is cold is plain foolishness. So, you need to wait until it gets hot or if it is taking too long heat it and then hit it yourself. In the meanwhile, you might as well take care of other important matters in your life and let the iron get hot enough so that it could be molded into SUCCESS!!

Yeah, I am a firm believer of patience being the best quality in a person. I have mentioned it before, it saves a lot of frustration and with that comes clarity of mind and senses. And what person has not done good or achieved more with a clear head and stronger determination? Au contraire sadly, these days what I see and even have experienced personally is that we all our consumed in one way or another and we all are simply put – burnt out. This is not because we do not have patience, it is because we are over loaded with the physical, professional, emotional baggage and we are just crushed somewhere under it all.

So, it is not just one person who needs to wait, the whole world needs a break. But hey who has the time for that?? Chop-Chop! and get things done in an instant. Have you heard, “at the precipice we change”, why not before that? Realising that we need to keep our head in the game and for that we need our heads to be clear, is beneficial. So, lets learn to wait but not till it is too late.