Those were the days.

Salad Days: Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days?

Good old days, the phrase makes it sound like the time right now is bad or something. I mean, think about it, what comparison in world, of the past with future, has ever been readily accepted? – None. That is because we evolve and we progress, things change and that is the one and only consistent thing. As Homo sapiens now we know that, not all was great back then – Living in caves and all, but for a caveman this world would be nothing more than a chaos and I am sure he would miss his good old times. The definition of good can not be constant.

If I talk about the days of past in my life – well, for everything that I do not like the way it is today, the old days were good, but for plenty more reasons today is better  First being the fact that we control only present. When I was young we would move places frequently, but today I do not think I would like it as much as I used to. Although, I would say those were the good days, I still would not like this activity from a good old time to be repeated as frequently anymore.

Yeah, the old days were good. I was a kid, I was a teenager. Back then, I was allowed and expected to make mistakes – ample of them and I was not burdened with things called work, career, decisions, future etc. I was living each day and sleeping at nights to enjoy the next day even more and just because that has changed does not mean I sit and whine about it. Yes, I miss it and yes, I would love to live it again (or may be not because I would really like to do some grown up things already). As I see it, old days were great and (mostly) carefree and now it might not be as good, but I understand that I have had my share of fun. Now is the time to get down to some business and respond to a mind-boggling prompt.