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Hindsight: Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

I am totally new here – a naive kid with English as a secondary language trying his hand at sharing the very little knowledge that he has about life. Life’s lessons that he firmly believes in and follows. I am just another “fresh out of college” student trying to figure out a lot, but mostly the basics of a simple fun life, and with a love for almost everything good; be it poetry or a piece of chocolate cake, a scenic waterfall on a mountain or family time near a bonfire, being a biotechnology student or believing in a higher force – it is the simple things that matter and they make the biggest collage of good-memories, so I go by, “It’s only one life we get” make the best of it.

I am not a writer, but I… have some blogging experience now. Although, I can not say how good I am, I believe I am doing Okay. I am basing this on the few precious likes that I get and that to from some really good, experienced bloggers. It all began as a new hobby and now I am hooked on to it. And here is my first ever blog post – untouched.

It was a rainy day and the vacant plot in front of my house was filled with water puddles. The fragrance of geosmin was lingering in that clean, fresh air. It was nature’s first “gift” to me. A 3 year old can be fascinated by rain and intrigued by a frog’s croak.

We know it, when something is new to us. We feel (happy) excited may even be scared because, we do want to venture out and learn about a lot of new things. But, something just holds us back. So, even though it’s just a post-rain scenic beauty that you are amazed by,  if something’s new, it requires an initiative.

Initiative to explore with curiosity and find our passion.

It was not a daily prompt and reading it now makes me realise I did write some pretty deep stuff. On that note, cheers everyone, wish you all a happy ending on 2014!!

Ma’s Ma.

My Hero: Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

It happens as instantly as it can, I think of someone who has influenced me the most, someone who has taught me a bit more than everyone else, who I see as a person having almost everything under control, someone who I sort of idolise… My granma, my Nani (mum’s mum). Today, I have a lot many role models, but as I was growing up she was the only one who gave me a depth in perception about life. She taught me to draw strength from what I see and want in the bigger picture, and to not give up on failures.

Well, as far as I can jog my memory I can easily find things and instances from the past and the present that would make my Nani a hero. Some one who knows of not just your wants, but understands your feelings before you can even put them to words is a definite hero. She did and still does support me in every decision of mine, stands by me reminding me that I have it all just when I think I am tired and can not go on any longer. Tells me to take it easy and breathe, have faith in the almighty, in myself, and even when she can not relate to my situation her experiences are enough to hand me the best advice possible.

She lends me the clarity of mind and I think I am reiterating but I believe in this so, I would say clarity of mind is the only thing that we need to tackle any or every situation. I could write stories of her sacrifices, her hard work and her will to keep going on, her way of working and keeping cool even when, to others, it seems useless or as futile efforts. But like a diamond – a stone that burns only to shine better and the best than everything else my Nani stands tall and strong, with a smile on her face, command in her eyes, love in her voice/actions and blessings in her thoughts. She is my personal hero. I feel so good after writing this, thank you daily prompt!! This one was by far the best and most crude of my writings in terms of emotional expression.

Also, A very merry Christmas to everyone. We are privileged to have all that we have, while outside our window exists a world with people who do not know it is Christmas time or any other happy time for that matter – may God be with them. (Ref: do they know it’s X’mas – Band Aid)

Ho, Ho, Surprise!!

Secret Santa: You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want, but anonymously.

One gift? Are you kidding me? I would love to buy so many. Wait a minute… can I buy a really expensive thing and then sell it for cash and buy what ever I want? Well, with the “no price restriction” clause, I do not think it would be a problem. Santa will take care of it all, I guess. Anyways, Christmas is a great holiday and who does not like to celebrate, we do not really need a reason for that now, do we? So, if I am to gift someone with “no price restrictions” meaning expensive stuff, I would give it to someone who really matter(s) to me and I think that would be my parents.

In one simple sentence; I owe them for everything and the least I can do is to buy them a great, expensive gift and I love the “no price restriction” offer word-press has for us. The kind of gift I would like to present them with would be something that puts them out of their daily schedule. Life gets daunting for us youngsters and I can only imagine having to deal with us and then dealing the work and the outside world/society. So, a get away for my parents at an awesome resort with some spa would be lovely, I guess. I personally would be delighted to receive such a gift (you know what I mean, dear word-press people!!). Come to think of it, can I gift my own self?

The anonymity is keeping me away from gifting my parents a family vacation. What is better than to enjoy with your near and dears? This way we all get to have fun. Well, I could plan a lovely trip including the food, leisure etc. with the “no price restrictions” and then have it all mailed to our address. How anonymous is that? Very much, I guess. I would be like, “oh, look we have a mail. Oh, it has no return address. Oh, look someone booked us first class tickets to Paris and all the food and stay is included” If, I act well… who really cares?? I would act crazy if required this one asks only to act surprised, I can do that.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone. May you and your family be healthy and closer than ever, now that is a gift I wish the world could have. From my heart to yours best wishes and happy times everyone, and this one really comes with “no monetary restrictions”.


To Be Resolved: We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

I had new year’s resolutions… or did I? I do not really remember it, but yeah I did make a few plans as 2013 ended and fortunately I have accomplished each of those things. I am quite satisfied and it makes me feel great as to how smoothly all of it went. I won’t call them new year’s resolutions but plans or goals that were very important. Thus, they were executed and completed, sometimes after crossing the deadlines, but the important thing is they are done and I can now say goodbye to the crazy yet amazing ride that was 2014.

Now to important matters like thanking God and especially the people at word-press for making ping-backs come back to life. I am a new blogger or should I say, “new at blogging”? Anyways, the point is that even though I always kind of wanted to write and perhaps be appreciated a little for it, none of it could have been possible without the services of these daily prompts and the ability to publish these prompts onto here basically. Publishing is one thing, but the likes and comments are the actual icing on my new experimental cake. Which has also been resolved even though it wasn’t a resolution.

Also on the list was making bonds for a life-time, most importantly making meaningful friendships even more stronger than before because one, I have not known real-long friendships (the same old story I moved a lot) and as you grow up it becomes a difficult and tiring process to befriend someone. Secondly, you kind of learn to live alone, it’s not like you are lonely, but solitude is more trustworthy than people. Anyhow, I won’t encourage a lifetime of solitude and If I have heard it right – “these are things that matter the most in life”. And I have proudly made friends with some really good bunch of people.

And as graduation approached friendship was on the list of priorities for everyone, I am pretty sure of that. Now it has been ten days after the graduation ceremony, still meeting old friends and having fun is the best part of it all. So as graduation was happening one more thing was struck off from the list, and yes good times were spent being crazy and by being out partying. As good as it was to spend time, with a few friends, chatting for five hours in a cafe with good food and music, equally it was great to run into an old friend from school after a very long time on a subway station and chatting, while summing up past six months, for just fifteen minutes.

I think I am resolved for now, but I am definitely looking forward to resolving a few more things and I guess these will make into my list of resolutions for the 2015. After all, there is no need to rush!!

True lies or Half truth? You choose.

Sweet Little Lies: As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

Never tell a lie. That is something we all grow up with and we all know how important it is to not lie. We abide by this one rule and the results are always good. We have enough proof and examples that one lie only leads to ten more, sometimes a lot more, and that is where the problem begins. But then sometimes lying is important. To save someone from being hurt, to avoid an embarrassment or some sort of problem, we do have to tell a lie or call it the half truth.

Half truth never hurts and no one said we can not hide information we were only told not to tell lies and that my friend is how we humans work – always finding a loop hole or an alternative path. Well, that… we were taught, you know? To take the road not taken. So, if you want to tell a small kid that, their pet died, your choice. But I will take to telling a lie or making up a story over hurting a small little child. Or If it is needed I will exaggerate about how great the party was even if it really was not. And never and I mean never will I ever answer a girl asking do I look fat in this? I think I am saying if necessary I would lie for my life.

Sometimes exaggeration is important and if we were to put people in jail for that, then the whole advertisement industry would have been serving some time. The fact that we have a machine that can detect lies means that, even our body knows it when we are doing something we are not supposed to, although it is possible to learn to cheat a polygraph, but that is a completely different matter. Anyways, It is a simple question and the answer is to not lie but if you really need to, do hide or exaggerate***

***conditions apply: Please, use this power only for good, and humane purposes.

Free write.

All or Nothing? “Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?

 Something’s better than nothing.

I can not fathom this thought, but then again It is too deep to understand. “When we want it all, are we approaching a state of wanting nothing at all?” Perhaps… yes. I see it this way, when we want a lot or almost everything, what we really want is nothing. For instance, when we are in denial or in a situation that we are trying to ignore completely, we try to occupy ourselves with all and everything than actually facing the problem.

Pain is painful and be it physical or emotional we would give anything to just move away from it – To have that peace and sanity back we would want to have all the things that we think would help us heal, while in reality we do not need anything but solitude. I read some where that, “for two halves to be one, each half must be whole in itself”. I agree, although it is more of a love/relationship advice, it is my point.

Sometimes when we think we want every other thing, all that we really need is to work out a few issues on our own in solitude to get that clarity of mind again and that heals us. Other times we need to talk it out and all we need is a good listener, but not everything. I am pointing in the direction of finding inner peace, like in the movie Kung Fu Panda 2, and I think Sylvia Plath needed hers.

And as far as wanting everything or nothing is considered, both are dangerous. You must have heard the saying that, too much of anything is not good, it applies here. Neither wanting nothing nor wanting it all is healthy much important is what we call as NEEDs. Sort the needs and the wants and stay away from hoping, wishing and expecting these are what I like to call stress-inducers. Want moderately ’cause you might have all that you need, but as I recently learned/experienced – wanting keeps you going, keeps you motivated and a simple want of being better than you were yesterday does the magic.

The free write:

By the way the convocation was great. I felt as happy as I was excited for the whole ceremony, It was class apart and I am proud of the way everything went. The loveliest part of it all – meeting friends after a long time.

Dream with eyes open.

Feeling Fancy: You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Given a chance to be with no financial constraints whatsoever, I can surely set a few things straight. Well, I will just cut to the chase and say that being a recent graduate, all I can do is be patient while I wait for an opportunity or two (to come up), so that I could finally step into the real world and put my hard-earned degree (which I am getting on 11th Dec.) and the knowledge that I acquired in the past four years to some actual use.

With power comes responsibility and mine is to pay back a few people for their generosity and awesome-ness and I know that money can not buy everything, but no one would be unhappy to receive a gift-of-their-choice, I guess not. So, gifting is one thing and secondly I believe charity begins at home and thus, I would like to support all my loved ones who are struggling in one way or the other.

Come to think of it, these days only money can buy a lot of things and many of those are really important things or utilities. So, I will help the poor (I sound like a famous rich person) but I mean it. I will not just invest it, but simply give it away to those who need it. Sadly, even all the money in the world given to me for 24 hours would not be able to help everyone and to reach out to everyone I will have to start a NGO or more.

Now, I understand it. I have been feeling like we have done this prompt before and we have. It was the same theme – an aunt dies and you inherit all her wealth. Anyways, I said it then and I will say it now, my luxury would be the smiles on my loved ones and also on people who, I do not know, but need a help of any kind. Now that I am done with the first twelve hours of  the day – planning and helping others, I will help myself a little for the next six hours and sleep for the final six hours because. I love sleeping and I would not miss it.

I would need a chocolate factory, I will buy one and a hotel and/or at least a restaurant for sure. Yes, I will be in the business and yes, yes, yes, a supply of first, fresh batch of chocolates to my house would be a rule at my firm. Just to be a good boss/employer I will have a batch sent to all my employees as well, but only monthly not daily. We do not want to go in loss or just break even, we want to soar high. And I will definitely book some fancy family trips to a lot of nice places with fancy travel, food, fun and stay pre-booked.

I think I have had enough of free time that, even when I am given a chance for leisure, I am choosing work, helping others and mostly/naturally/obviously the best of allTravel and Food.

They asked for it.

One at a Time: write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

Topic of my choice and mono-syllabic? Tough, very tough!! I’ll try nonetheless.

I love the cold, love this month.

Brings joy, and prett-iest of views.

All are good, and all are great.

Calm sights ev-ery where.

White and more white, ’cause it snows.

More time in-side lets the good times roll.

A mono-syllab-ic try at a po-em this is,

And yes it does make my head spin.

Bear with me, my rhyme is not so good.

I am just try-ing to answer this silly fool (prompt).

So there it is, a masterpiece (If you want to call it). Wow, that was not so difficult… just strange. I have no idea if any-more words need hyphens to break them into a single syllable. All I wanted to say was, happy holidays and happy winters. I just love the festivities and especially the respite from the heat. Single syllables are incompetent in expressing all of my feelings.

Only If I knew.

Make It Anywhere: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” goes the famous song about New York City. Is there a place — a city, a school, a company — about which you think (or thought) the same? Tell us why, and if you ever tried to prove that claim.

There are times in life when you are over the top about everything and for you every cloud has a silver lining. And then again, times that are full of feeling lowest of the low. Although, every low feels like it is the worst one, I am pretty sure it is not the problem that gets bigger, just that we get tired of the fight. It is like… the more you strive the more you thrive, but then comes a moment when all logic seems useless and you feel so stranded in middle of nowhere, helpless, not knowing what to feel, and what to do? All because you lose the interest, you lose the will to keep going on. And you think to yourself, what is the point of the whole struggle, when the next bigger problem is waiting just around the corner?

Those are the times when we come up with such statements. A last effort, if you want to call it that. We know that a single thought can change our pattern of thoughts and that changes our attitude (most important of all). So, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”. Well, I agree, if I am dealing with some really hard issues and I want a way out, I will definitely base the whole solution of that problem on one single event so that I know when do I begin dealing with it. It is like waiting for the right moment and that takes some patience. Or am I just ignoring the problem so that I won’t have to deal with it? Is it denial?

“If I could get into the best School in town, my life would be set”. “If I get to that city, my job prospects will be better”. It is always about getting a chance to be in a bigger, better place because all it takes is that one little chance. Now the question is, what if that never happens, what if you are not able to get to that best school, city or company? Is it game over or beginning of something new? Will I never be able to solve the problem because the first box in my list is not checked? It only gets more complex!!

I say this should mean the beginning of something new, although a devastated one, still a beginning. So, why base the solution of any problem or any plan on a future event? Wanting more in life is not wrong – To win the race, you have to be in it. But winning is not the only thing, the race should be the actual experience. So, I never did and I won’t because I am scared of saying, “If I get there, I’ll get anywhere”. Mostly because I do not know where do I want to be and even when I have the slightest of idea, I am more in doubts than being satisfied with the decision. Thus, I don’t know anymore whether being “there” will allow me to get “somewhere” or even anywhere for that matter. I do have a few plans I’d like to follow through, but only If I knew they’d workout.