Someone Else’s Island: We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?

A new month, a new set of thoughts and full of enthusiasm – that’s me. Oh, I do have a few reasons for that as well. Firstly, I am now an official A1 level student of German – I guess a score of 85 is something to be celebrated, it is in my world at least. Secondly, my brother’s birthday falls this week – meaning party!! And followed by that is the much awaited gathering of me and my friends. Boy am I excited? Not just excited but thankful for all these little things, they make life wonderful.

Did I mention my graduation is approaching? It is next week. We (I and my fellow mates) are going to get our hard earned bachelor degrees. Oh yeah, that is gonna happen; the convocation ceremony and dressing up in lounge suits, gowns with those funny looking caps. As much as I think they are strange looking, I am pretty sure they mean something, and all I care about is that they look good on everyone and they symbolise a very important moment in a student’s life. Also, It is the first time we are going to have such an elaborate ceremony for graduation because unlike some other countries where students graduate even from high School, here we call it a graduation when a student passes out of his/her Uni. That makes it a huge deal hence, the excitement.

Now I need to squeeze in the insignificant reply to the prompt. I would send my best friend with nothing but a smartphone or a device that allows satellite communication (in case the deserted island does not have a network, which is quite possible). Other than that, a big set of matchbox, a Swiss-Army-knife, a photo album or something and a pet would suffice. I guess, the matches would help with fire, the army knife for hunting and safety, and the pet – well, who would mind some company being stranded alone in a beautiful island – that provides endless source of firewood and fruits.

But in a time like now… full of good times, I am not sending my friends anywhere. They need to be with me and be part of the birthdays, the graduation, the Christmas and the new year. So, we’ll put getting stranded on a hold for now.

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