Chinese whispers.

Not for Thee: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you wouldn’t give to anyone else? Why don’t you think it would apply to others?

If I was ever given the best piece of advice, why would I not share it? Well, unless the best piece of advice turns out to be a disaster, I am sharing it with not others but only the people I care about. That is because, try handing out free advice and be ready for people to roll their eyes. No one pays any heed to a random person – I mean I do not. Moreover, I do not really think I ever got any advice that I could refer to as the best ever. I have been given the basic advice every now and then, sometimes even when I did not need any, but nothing special or the best.

I am more of a… observe and learn, but use and share only after trying and testing person, not the someone-told-me and I don’t know but you should try it person. It is like playing Chinese whispers, the one you are sharing the advice with receives the message as clearly as the last person in this game – nothing makes sense. So, I suggest we should handover advice or suggest things to people only when we believe in them, their source, and/or their efficacy. Also, the advice should fit the context unlike this scenario where a person says, “everything that happens, happens for the best” at a funeral.

Like everyone else I know a few things and I am still in the process of figuring a many things out. All I know is that, everything has a meaning (not necessarily logic) and we ought to find it, rather than following everything that we hear/come to know of and end up being more confused about things than we were to begin with, follow a single thing the best way. So, simplicity is the answer. Hey! Maybe this is the advice I would call the best ever – KISSJust Keep It Simple Silly, but this surely is not easy for everyone. Nevertheless, life is not a game of Chinese whispers. Come to think of it, it is not a game at all – it is pretty deep and if we want it – could be pretty simple too.


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