Sorry, Laptop?

Wronged Objects: If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

The first thing that came to me after reading the prompt was laptop. The only thing, not a furniture or anything else, but the very important, useful and thus, overly used laptop. I owe it a big apology.

Dear Laptop

I have been meaning to say something to you for quite a while now, but I just could not do it. Today, the prompt has prompted me, and now the only way I think I can do it is by writing down what I feel on a piece of paper (inside you). So, I am writing this letter just to apologise for all that I make/made you go through; the rough handling, the crazy gaming sprees, the over use by watching endless funny videos on YouTube, the late night studies, project-report making, the presentations, playing crazy loud music along with the literature search. The endless waste of time on the internet. Oh, I think I ought to apologise for all the times I physically abused, for you hung up and gave me a black screen, sometimes blue, that wasted an entire minute of my life. And you know how I do not like wasting a single minute while I am watching funny videos online. Sorry for the anger.

Sorry for being impatient and for neglecting you totally when smartphones came into our lives. Please accept this written apology.


Well, I guess that sums it up. Although, I am really thankful and grateful for a lot of things in life, they are mostly the things that are living or the things that really matter. These gadgets make our lives so easy and they ask for nothing in return (they do take our real lives away, make us lazy and consume a lot of electricity resulting in bills but still are an inseparable part of our lives now) and we do not even handle them with care, specially after a month or two, sometimes it takes just a week. 

I guess we really do not value the things we have and are good at realising their absence a lot more than their presence. I can say that about me and my laptop and TV too (I use it a lot).

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