They asked for it.

One at a Time: write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

Topic of my choice and mono-syllabic? Tough, very tough!! I’ll try nonetheless.

I love the cold, love this month.

Brings joy, and prett-iest of views.

All are good, and all are great.

Calm sights ev-ery where.

White and more white, ’cause it snows.

More time in-side lets the good times roll.

A mono-syllab-ic try at a po-em this is,

And yes it does make my head spin.

Bear with me, my rhyme is not so good.

I am just try-ing to answer this silly fool (prompt).

So there it is, a masterpiece (If you want to call it). Wow, that was not so difficult… just strange. I have no idea if any-more words need hyphens to break them into a single syllable. All I wanted to say was, happy holidays and happy winters. I just love the festivities and especially the respite from the heat. Single syllables are incompetent in expressing all of my feelings.

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