True lies or Half truth? You choose.

Sweet Little Lies: As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

Never tell a lie. That is something we all grow up with and we all know how important it is to not lie. We abide by this one rule and the results are always good. We have enough proof and examples that one lie only leads to ten more, sometimes a lot more, and that is where the problem begins. But then sometimes lying is important. To save someone from being hurt, to avoid an embarrassment or some sort of problem, we do have to tell a lie or call it the half truth.

Half truth never hurts and no one said we can not hide information we were only told not to tell lies and that my friend is how we humans work – always finding a loop hole or an alternative path. Well, that… we were taught, you know? To take the road not taken. So, if you want to tell a small kid that, their pet died, your choice. But I will take to telling a lie or making up a story over hurting a small little child. Or If it is needed I will exaggerate about how great the party was even if it really was not. And never and I mean never will I ever answer a girl asking do I look fat in this? I think I am saying if necessary I would lie for my life.

Sometimes exaggeration is important and if we were to put people in jail for that, then the whole advertisement industry would have been serving some time. The fact that we have a machine that can detect lies means that, even our body knows it when we are doing something we are not supposed to, although it is possible to learn to cheat a polygraph, but that is a completely different matter. Anyways, It is a simple question and the answer is to not lie but if you really need to, do hide or exaggerate***

***conditions apply: Please, use this power only for good, and humane purposes.


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