Ho, Ho, Surprise!!

Secret Santa: You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want, but anonymously.

One gift? Are you kidding me? I would love to buy so many. Wait a minute… can I buy a really expensive thing and then sell it for cash and buy what ever I want? Well, with the “no price restriction” clause, I do not think it would be a problem. Santa will take care of it all, I guess. Anyways, Christmas is a great holiday and who does not like to celebrate, we do not really need a reason for that now, do we? So, if I am to gift someone with “no price restrictions” meaning expensive stuff, I would give it to someone who really matter(s) to me and I think that would be my parents.

In one simple sentence; I owe them for everything and the least I can do is to buy them a great, expensive gift and I love the “no price restriction” offer word-press has for us. The kind of gift I would like to present them with would be something that puts them out of their daily schedule. Life gets daunting for us youngsters and I can only imagine having to deal with us and then dealing the work and the outside world/society. So, a get away for my parents at an awesome resort with some spa would be lovely, I guess. I personally would be delighted to receive such a gift (you know what I mean, dear word-press people!!). Come to think of it, can I gift my own self?

The anonymity is keeping me away from gifting my parents a family vacation. What is better than to enjoy with your near and dears? This way we all get to have fun. Well, I could plan a lovely trip including the food, leisure etc. with the “no price restrictions” and then have it all mailed to our address. How anonymous is that? Very much, I guess. I would be like, “oh, look we have a mail. Oh, it has no return address. Oh, look someone booked us first class tickets to Paris and all the food and stay is included” If, I act well… who really cares?? I would act crazy if required this one asks only to act surprised, I can do that.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone. May you and your family be healthy and closer than ever, now that is a gift I wish the world could have. From my heart to yours best wishes and happy times everyone, and this one really comes with “no monetary restrictions”.


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