Ma’s Ma.

My Hero: Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

It happens as instantly as it can, I think of someone who has influenced me the most, someone who has taught me a bit more than everyone else, who I see as a person having almost everything under control, someone who I sort of idolise… My granma, my Nani (mum’s mum). Today, I have a lot many role models, but as I was growing up she was the only one who gave me a depth in perception about life. She taught me to draw strength from what I see and want in the bigger picture, and to not give up on failures.

Well, as far as I can jog my memory I can easily find things and instances from the past and the present that would make my Nani a hero. Some one who knows of not just your wants, but understands your feelings before you can even put them to words is a definite hero. She did and still does support me in every decision of mine, stands by me reminding me that I have it all just when I think I am tired and can not go on any longer. Tells me to take it easy and breathe, have faith in the almighty, in myself, and even when she can not relate to my situation her experiences are enough to hand me the best advice possible.

She lends me the clarity of mind and I think I am reiterating but I believe in this so, I would say clarity of mind is the only thing that we need to tackle any or every situation. I could write stories of her sacrifices, her hard work and her will to keep going on, her way of working and keeping cool even when, to others, it seems useless or as futile efforts. But like a diamond – a stone that burns only to shine better and the best than everything else my Nani stands tall and strong, with a smile on her face, command in her eyes, love in her voice/actions and blessings in her thoughts. She is my personal hero. I feel so good after writing this, thank you daily prompt!! This one was by far the best and most crude of my writings in terms of emotional expression.

Also, A very merry Christmas to everyone. We are privileged to have all that we have, while outside our window exists a world with people who do not know it is Christmas time or any other happy time for that matter – may God be with them. (Ref: do they know it’s X’mas – Band Aid)

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