Daring it was.

Daring Do: Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I can write on this, I had to think a little but yeah my memory has one instance in my life where I tried to save someone. It was both an emotional and a physical type of danger that my friend was in. Although, I have always been an introvert, I did not only manage to stay away from problems but almost everything else as well, turned out to be not so good after all. You should not be so scared of everything  that you do not even make mistakes because, no mistakes means no lessons and no lessons learned when you should, only leads to struggles later in life. Ask me about that!!

Anyways, so you know when someone is making a wrong choice in love or friendship, sort of like when you see two old friends failing on their friendship because of the “new” person in their life and you see it all happening in front of your eyes. Everything is so fast it all seems like a dream, one moment you are attending your chemistry class and the next moment (well, actually during the recess) you see a cat fight with some profanities here and there and a lot of eye rolling, it gets insane. And the sane kid, that would be me here, watches it all until the lines are crossed.

So, when that happened Insach ran to the rescue. All I could do was use the divide and rule method and not only to my advantage but for their benefit as well. When two people do not interact there is a lot of place for the third one, that being me, it was used for good. I cornered one friend and made them understand the irrational behaviour of the other friend as their fear of losing a best friend to the said “love of their life”. I think you know by now that this story is about two girls and a new guy. Just like I said in the beginning of the story I tried, and I could only do that unfortunately I failed. Turns out people lose sanity in anger only to realise of their wrongdoings and sayings later. And thus, new relationships were formed at the cost of losing old friendships. I was alright, though. May be a little shaken and scarred for life, but that is another story.

The same friend was in a physical danger once and it was a very common situation of my friend being lost in their world and walking on the road while a car drove by, as if it was in a race. Well, it was not as dangerous as it sounds and luckily there were no accidents because I was still sane and present there so, my right hand was quick enough to hold my friend’s backpack and pull her in, this way only her nose was scratched a bit, I guess. Here we were, my friend’s life in my hands in form of a backpack which was used to pull her out of a serious danger. Then, the driver stopped, took a look, saw that we were alive (had to be) and drove off. It is not a typical movie story – story but this one was much more realistic as it could have been. I was not the one scarred after this disaster also, at least in this one, I did feel like a hero.

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