The wilderness.

Oasis: A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

The scenic beauty of the wilderness, be it any place on this planet, captivates me, mesmerises me to the point that neither do I catch a breath nor do I remember myself rather I lose myself, and I think that is when you easily find yourself and are forced to breathe nicely. It sounds peculiar but it is not as deep as it sounds, when you are enjoying something… you have to forget the whole world out there and be lost in your thing, kind of like meditation. So for me the trees, the fresh air, the birds chirping, the dew drops, the green grass and the blue sky is what calls me but unfortunately that is the hardest thing to get especially while living in the concrete jungle – city.

I might be traditional in this manner but I like what is already given to us, simply the outdoors in its very natural form nothing special. For some reasons I feel very connected to it all and I just enjoy being out, standing still with my eyes closed, breathing it, and listening to the sounds of nature. I like to have fun there as well not just standing like a statue. Nothing a cold wind cannot fix and nothing is as freshening as a cold breeze on any given day (summer or winter, except when it snows). Nature is a thing of beauty for me, be it green and full of vegetation or full of sand dunes.

Although, music is another thing and so are books, paintings, soap operas, movies or working out… as I like to call them a way to escape the reality. They are enticing and amazing – the stories and the meanings (excluding exercise here) could be relevant or irrelevant but they always help us find ourselves, teach us lessons or inspire us. Also, It is very possible to lose yourself and your mind completely into something and anything that you like, but to feel like yourself while enjoying your method of escapism you need to focus onto yourself. It should make you feel at peace and the nature does that for me.


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