In Good Faith: Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

When you ask someone to prove the basis of their faith in a higher power, a reason for following a religion, or simply being spiritual, you can never get the perfect answer. An answer that makes it go Q.E.D. hence proved is not found that easily, but if I say the whole concept is based wholly and solely on one thing called belief, it would make sense. Belief, It answers everyone’s questions but still does not distinguish between the right of one person from the wrong of the other. I mean, all of us, we are wired in a different way and there are billions of people on this planet, the count still on, and who would not agree that each one of us is different and unique not just genetically, but also in the way we see things. It is perception that creates a gap between the understanding of one person from the other. And we all perceive different things differently.

So, follow what ever you want to follow, believe what ever you want to believe, or nothing at all, but being spiritual means being in sync with the universe – the cosmic powers – call it God or the almighty if you will. But neither have we witnessed the beginning nor do we have any knowledge of the end, with that thought in your head and a feeling of belonging to a huge universe; we are just a speck of dust in this galaxy, makes you want to understand it furthermore and at least feel connected to it. That is my definition of spirituality and according to me that is the message of every religion in the world – we are all the same and very tiny compared to this limitless universe so we should simply accept this fact and live with love, peace and harmony.

I have many a moments in my life that could fit this prompt’s answers but I would rather not fill the post with those instances and take this route of understanding spirituality instead. I might be young for the debate on religion (I think so) but I have had my faith restored a handful of times. I’ll put it in a better way, I have had my faith strengthened plenty of times by one good happening or the other. Now you might call it good luck or a coincidence, but I would say the universe works in mysterious ways like someone said – There are no accidents!! And eventually things always happen the way we want or the way they are meant to be. So, it is either in my hand or in hands of someone that I trust my life with and they have a 100 percent success rate because, I have always had the best of services and experiences.

Life is full of ups and downs. Spirituality or religion doesn’t guarantee that there would not be any mishaps, but what matters the most is the thoughts that you send out in the universe because they have away of coming back with full force. So, put out good,  get good and have faith.

2 thoughts on “Q.E.D.

  1. The tough times can often be a blessing, without them we would not have opportunity to grow. You can compare it to going to the gym and lifting the lightest weights, you wont see many result. The heavier weights can be more painfull , but ultimatey lead to greater strength and growth.

    Also when it comes to pure faith, I think the fact that there is no proof is proof itself. How boring would life be if we did have proof!?

    • I agree, its like knowing darkness lets us appreciate the value of light. Without one the other is not complete and similarly tough times only strengthen our faith.
      Who needs any proof 🙂

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