Wadera ma’am.

Teacher’s Pet: Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

The first thought in my head after reading the prompt was – how do you even choose one single teacher from a pool of amazing teachers who had taught me more than what books could have taught. But then it made some sense everyone teaches you something or the other. They do not say, “life is all about learning” for nothing, it is actually true.

So, I would say that one person cum teacher who had a hand in sculpting me and making me Insach was/is my English teacher. I don’t know if she would ever read it but I am pretty sure she would appreciate me saying that she showed me the wrong in me and helped mt to make it right.

I always admired her for her control over children and her genuine interest in teaching, she rarely scolded any one and yet some how managed to control the entire class full of students who would otherwise just won’t shut up. There was always pin drop silence during her class. And she would appreciate every little effort made by us – the students.

For each one of us, English as a second language was a little dreadful but she made it all seem so easy. How do you think I manage putting my thoughts out here on a blog in English, and that is my point she made this happen. She made me a little bit better than who I would have been without her guidance.

Not to mention the background she came from, civil wars and scary life threatening situations every now and then and still managed to be some one’s idol and an amazing, amazing teacher. Recently, I got to know that she left our School and joined another. Well, I won’t be able to meet her again but I am happy that I did visit her a year after I had left School and had gotten into college. She will surely touch other student’s life in great ways I am sure – lucky kids!!

I am thankful, grateful and proud that I could be a students of hers. Ah! that was good…  and it is good to be back, to write and reply to a really good prompt, but I have been crazy busy… cousin’s wedding this month and weddings are a seriously time consuming affair in here.

3 thoughts on “Wadera ma’am.

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  2. Since school was not my learning ground teachers did not come into my life much later I was very lucky because there were people who saw abilities in me that I couldn’t see,what ended up happening is that these people laid the foundation for what I have become. I am very grateful for them
    Thank you for your like

    • It is always about the people who polish are rough edges and make the diamond, in form of our abilities, shine through us. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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