An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.

Race the Clock: 10 minutes to go.

I am not going to time my clock because, I like multitasking and I am watching the show Homeland on TV as I write this. By the way I must say I like the new twist to the old ten minute free write. Now we can write freely for ten minutes on a title, not a theme, but a crystal clear heading for our post that has been handed to us.

Like I said yesterday, these prompts are becoming way too direct. Feels like I am back in School, 7th grade, and I am being tested on my writing skills in the English class. “Today’s theme for the article is – environment protection. You have 15 minutes to turn in your papers.”

Anyways, I’d write no matter what so here goes nothing. In fact I like the title, even though it is not inspirational, it is interesting. An offer I could not refuse is a statement given by two kinds of people, the really fortunate kind or ones who are in some kind of negotiation and just could not refuse the said offer.

The lucky ones could be those people who were offered something in a relationship, business or otherwise like a proposal if you know what I mean. I, on the other hand, am neither lucky nor in an active negotiation. Boohoo poor me (pity party), I say that because I would love to be able to say the very same words, “That was an amazing offer and I did not want to refuse it  in a good way off course!!  

I have not yet had any offers that I just could not refuse, but I’d like to. Moreover, I am a simple person no demands just going with the flow. Living in contentment, sometimes in a land of fantasy, but not to the point that I lose touch with reality. I am a realist, but an optimist too. It helps to be patient I keep saying that, but everyone has their limits and beyond that line it is nothing but unbearable to keep going on. We keep on nevertheless, right?

And that is how I would sum up the lives of  today’s youngsters. Times have not only changed but they have changed to the weirdest, love and other goodness seem so ludicrous only because everyone is bothered by the economic conditions and everyone is busy striving to thrive. So, we would love to… I would love to have an offer I wouldn’t refuse for later it’d be an offer I couldn’t refuse. We all could use some peace of mind, if that is the offer I will take it.


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