Childhood is Us.

The Transporter: Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

When I read the prompt, I thought it is easy to be reminded of your childhood by one thing or the other, but on the contrary I just could not come up with anything that transports me back to the good old time. May be because I am only 22 and have somewhat of a good memory and things, memories, instances are pretty vivid in my head. I could be reminded of it by everything or nothing at all.

Like the other day, they were showing 100 great music videos of the decade on the channel VH1 and the song that topped the chart was Umbrella by Rihanna and I thought, whoa a nice blast from the past, reminded me of my High School but does that qualify as childhood. When did I lose my childhood? a good poem, that is. But I still do not know the answer.

On the other hand I think now is when I have really grown up. In the past four years of college I had experiences, naturally the once in a lifetime kinds, and also now I understand the world, life and its nuances far better than I ever did till today. I am saying that, now I am a grown up and that means I never really let the child in me go away. For better or for worse I feel different now and I also think different. May be from today onward I’ll miss the little kid that I was.

So why would something remind me of a thing which never really got away. Childhood was mine, the memories are mine, the choice of never letting the child in me die was also a choice of mine but the world changes you, sooner or later it does, it tries really hard to do so. And It is easy to put on shades that show the world in a different way, so why not do it? Ignorance is a bliss especially to all the realists out there. You can always count on the other side of the coin, make it the good one.

We change and we evolve for the better, sure our body starts behaving odd but all in all childhood is us and will be an inseparable part of us.

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