Roy G. Biv: Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

We were taught another mnemonic VIBGYOR – the seven colours of the rainbow and, in that very same class I came to know that white light is made up of all the seven colours all together. WOw!! For me even more interesting was the fact that, our eyes do not see the colour of the thing, but the colour that a particular thing does not absorb hence, the colour gets reflected from it and the eye receives the reflected light… finally it is sent to the brain. Cool, right? I love science.

And colours!!  they are amazing and very important, so much that we even sometimes define our mood based on colours… the feeling-Blues, red for anger, green for feeling sick and so on. But the best is the colour of happiness and happy times, see for your self.

Well, weddings, Farewell parties, lab work and successful results, X’mas, Diwali, nature, food – now, these represent spectacular colours, don’t they?
This is my Roy G. Biv.

“I must let you on this…”

Powerful Suggestion: What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

I do have the active sources and, I also have enough advice for now. But I do wonder… had someone asked me not be serious and be completely free-spirited all the time, where would have I been? On a different journey perhaps, a much more adventurous one, but I am content with what ever the way it has turned out. I mean I lived my life as it came my way – learning and growing, but sometimes when I was overwhelmed with the “what ifs”, only good advice helped me out each time.

As of today I do wish someone had told me earlier that, “life doesn’t present us with many opportunities and, the catch is that if you miss these, they might not necessarily repeated again”  Yes, it comes from the Downton Abbey show (Lady Violet to be precise) it is her quote, not the exact thing, but my interpretation of it.  This quote opened my eyes and made me realise to take it easy and tackle life the way it comes because there’s just too much being said than done.

I do not like that, more talk – less action, that is not me. But there’s so much of thinking and discussing.,. looking at the pros and the cons of every other matter/situation etc. So much so that life has become nothing but “a series of problem that we must try and solve” (another quote by her). I had an epiphany, of sorts, a few days ago I was thinking so hard on something that I ran out of all the good and bad, and I questioned myself – is there even a real problem that I am putting my precious time and energy in solving it?

Soon, I realised that I have developed this habit of making every other step of mine a matter of discussion (with myself mostly: retrospection/introspection/self doubt all of that) and too much of it is wrong – Just futile and painful. What ever happened to the leap of faith? Where did it all the good learning and patience go? – Nowhere, I had it in me I was just busy finding out solutions to the “supposed” problem, while I could have simply, like a child, closed my eyes and went with the flow because, if my memory serves me right I never failed with this method in the past – Why doubt now? Just because some birdy told me; “life is a roller coaster and the ride ain’t smooth”.

These were my thoughts, invoked by the amazing quotes I heard on the show. And people say television is an idiot box!! Good that I did not listen to this advice because, call me naive but the character of the Dowager Countess of Grantham (from the above mentioned show) has enlightened me on matters way beyond my age. I guess it all comes down to what advice we choose, and how we interpret and inculcate it in our lives because, it is important to take care of the smaller bits of the bigger picture, the bigger ones would just fall into their place. It always helps to stop whining and do something, right? (another quote of hers).


Take That, Rosetta! If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills?

I had no idea what Rosetta was – my best guesses were that it is a human or an AI (artificial intelligence) name. I also thought it was some dialogue from a movie. Oh well, web search suggests that it is like a pack of CDs or something (I am not sure) but a very costly system to learn fluent languages in no time. It does say number one language learning software.

If I wanted to learn a new language, I would follow the age old method of buying relevant books and taking help from the Internet (which we all use and pay for). Why buy such an expensive software? – Unless your boss has demanded of you to learn the language failing to do so would result in you losing your precious job. Ok, still does not make sense to me, why buy something like that?

May be I still believe that, no one but a teacher can teach you things properly. Much better if the teacher’s a native, while learning languages that is the most important thing. The understanding of the grammar does not guarantee fluency in the normal day to day language. Sure the software will make you fluent in the language, but not in the use of it with expressions (If that makes any sense).

We should be grateful that English is an internationally known, very popular and mostly used language because believe me the number of alphabets only increase and pronunciations only get tougher in other languages, mostly the Asian languages. I know Hindi and it has quite a lot of alphabets (or sounds as they are called) and I have been told that in Japanese these only get more complex.

As far as knowing a new language is concerned, English for me was new and still is because I know the language but I can never know it all. It is like I know the words but I do not necessarily know the expressions. And I have learnt and passed my German A1 exam last year. SO, I know what I am saying when I say you can know a language but you can not know it completely unless you meet and learn from a native, for language is an art.

Oh, I would love to get proficient in German, now that I have begun learning it as a hobby. So, I hope to wake up tomorrow and be proficient in speaking and writing good German. What will I do with it? Pass the B1 through C1/C2 exams and flaunt the certificates all around (I am 22 I think I am allowed to act crazy). If no one else my friend Kavya would definitely understand what it feels like to learn a new language all on your own and the strange feeling of accomplishment that you get at the very end, without dumping that much money into a software.

Yes, NO.

Mentor Me:  Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Every one has taught me something, or may be I learned from people who were not even trying to teach anything. I guess that is called getting influenced – you get so impressed, followed by obsessed that you want to be like someone or do a thing in a certain way.

But mentor nope! none, except my nana. And she too mostly advises on life, as in the way of things, but everyone has some one like that who sets them straight, shows them the direction etc etc. I am grateful for that, but then the generation gap brings me to a standstill in situations that are new not just to her or me but to the entire world.

In times like that and in matters so forward you do need an advisor and, that I do not not have. So, like my title the answer is – Yes, No. Yes, I learn from many but, No I do not necessarily always get a helping hand. The following two links are to the older/similar posts asking us about our heroes and best teachers, I think a mentor does come in the same category.

Angry much?

Mad as a Hatter:  Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Oh, never have I ever gotten so angry at anyone or anything that I flew into a rage. I am not known as a chilled out person for nothing. Sometimes I feel people take silence as a sign of weakness but as far as I think I just do not let anyone or anything affect me so much that I’d react.

Anyhow, there have been times when I have given people the philosophical comebacks during the arguments that have only caused silence – way better than all the eye rolling and quarreling. I avoid it all, but I too have limits, once crossed… I put all the cards out on the table and then there’s no place to hide. Ah! how I could always win… only if I did not care of the other persons ego. I save them from the hurt… well, we all can not be the same now, can we?

I believe in staying away from trouble, but I also know very well that trouble has an amazing way of finding you – no matter where or how you are? SO, it has happened on many accounts that someone irked me or something got on to my nerves and, all I did was to calm myself down because, I never seem to have good comebacks. So, I keep quiet.

It is like… let them think you are a fool than to waste your time and energy. Moreover, you never know what stupid thing you might blurt out in anger. And it is better to either ignore the whole situation or to take a full stand when in an argument. There is this constant flow of emotions and responding never happens. When facing a turbulence of emotions, you will only react and might even regret it later on – I mean we are humans and that is normal, right?

We feel a lot of things – we go through so many things that, most of the time we are lost in our own world rather than paying attention to the present. And in all this I have seen people taking out their anger on innocent people, which in fact is not healthy at all. Then there is passive aggression and so many other forms of anger. The only solution is to be in the bliss from ignorance, to respond properly and tactfully with a sane mind or simply smile. I find the latter easiest if nothing else just smile and move on.

Frustration is bad and bottled up anger even more dangerous, so release it all out and feel the lightness in your being. A happy person is a healthy person. Now that is important, isn’t it? Although, being completely benign is also not good because people take advantage of you and, our lives are not like Cinderella’s we won’t get a fairy god mother to put us out of our misery, but nonetheless choosing smile over a frown will only lead to something better.

You can not stoop as low as the next crazy person, right?