A small little change.

Childhood Revisited:

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood?

Everything was good enough, my childhood was not marred by technology, so I got to live it to the fullest. I played outside with friends, camped in the wilderness, enjoyed outings, partied with my cousins, and definitely watched the best of what cartoon network had to offer – to all the 90’s kids. 

It was not until late sixteens when I actually got a normal mobile phone that could only be used to make calls or to send text messages. Although, I had started using computer by the age of 11, it was internet-less and it was mostly used either for school work or to play video games. okay, I won’t lie it was only for the games. Road rash – does that ring a bell?

So, as I am revisiting my childhood by taking a walk down the memory lane – full of beautiful, cherish-able, vivid memories of all the mischief and fun I had – I see that I did move into new cities quite frequently and not that I hated it, but now when I think about it, life would have been a little different had we not done so.

I mean, I have no idea what it feels like to have long term friendships because, as far as I knew, every relationship outside the family was supposed to be temporary one. I was well aware that some day we would be moving from our current location to another place. What would be the use of getting attached to anything or anyone? It would have only hurt.

I guess that is why I am a homebody. I like staying in, putting long hours in work or watching TV, or even a little cooking, a lot of eating, working out etc. etc. – home based activities, that is. I do like socialising, but I am not too big a fan of it and that is why I have a very closed knit group of friends.

It is not because I do not like to go out, but because I have gotten used to being in my own company and the occasional hang outs are enough for me. I am not the “every Friday night” drink and dance kind of person, occasionally that’s fine but regularly? Nope, I would rather be in my sanctuary. Also, I have had my crazy adventures!! I am young, but been there done that. Actually, been there and done with what I wanted to do.

Come to think of it, as I started writing the post I wanted a small little change in my past; not having to move so frequently. But I think everything turned out pretty well therefore, no regrets. Getting attached only hurts so, why fall for it, anyway?

By the way, the prompts feel a little too personal nowadays 😛

But it’s true…

A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma: Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Firstly, I would like to mention that, It has been a year since I joined word-press and I have done better than I could have imagined. I started blogging as an activity to kill time, but instead have gotten hooked on to it and have learned so much from so many. It is always a treat to read the blogs that I follow. Also, I am not like a full time blogger because of my other commitments. Nevertheless, It’s been a good ride.

Now to focus on today’s prompt I’ll have to put it all out. I hope it’s not oversharing, it makes me feel vulnerable however. Well, even after all the understanding I have gained in these past years and after rising from it all, I have kept a few things secret (like any normal person). None of them is that bad but I guess one of the secrets has, in some way, a feeling of embarrassment linked to it. We all know the world can live without knowing our small or big secrets.

Although, I am like an open book – trying to be a simple person, living a humble lifestyle – my family and friends would definitely back that up, I have had dark days too. And if I choose to share it here, in a way I am sharing it with the world. Anyway, here it goes… bullying (period). I have grown up enough to be not bothered by it or its memories, but it scars you forever. Not like I am paranoid all the time but as I was growing up and sometimes even today I get the feeling of being hated or ridiculed. I choose to ignore my feelings from all the over thinking, it is actually a bliss.

But the paranoia is because of a brief episode of name calling and hatred that I faced, which happened in the 6th grade. It is quite common in school time to be called names and made fun of. Everyone has those playful fights, competitions, jealousy etc among the different cliques because there is this entire separate social system at schools. But when all of this fun starts getting hurtful – either emotionally or physically – that is when the matter should be carefully addressed and situation nicely assessed. I changed like 4 schools in total, and have had an amazing time in each one, but my time in junior-high school was crazy. Soon after, we moved into a new city and therefore I had new place to start afresh, and I did so.

STORY: With me, there was some name calling (I did not care) but no physical bullying, except that one time when I was sort of gently “strangled”. I laughed while typing gently but that’s because it is true, the bully (the strongest, most egoistic boy in the class, how stereotypical? But it’s true…) He, only out of anger, held me by my throat (meaning strangled) to scare me not to kill me. Or may be to kill me – I do not know. I only remember being embarrassed and then I started crying, which made him leave me. The incident happened during the recess in the class room with no teacher because, it was a hot summer day and we all were inside. So, once he let me go… There I was down on my knees scared and crying in front of the whole class, which in-turn was even more embarrassing.

No one informed my parents and none of it ever got repeated. However, one teacher got to know about it and scolded him in front of the entire class – talk about pissing a sleeping tiger. After that when the teacher left I do remember him saying something about seeing me dead or the likes. Yeah, I am alive because soon enough life was back to being rainbows and butterflies, until in high school (new school with different people), around the time when I was in 11th grade, my past came to haunt me.

Strangely the event never really bothered me right after it happened as life got normal very quickly, but 5 years later I felt like a loser and felt depressed for no apparent reasons. I had inferiority complex, felt so weak and went through quite a sad phase in life. Oh well, all’s well that ends well. But depression was more painful than being strangled because the anxiety and depression continued for more than 2 years, while the bullying experience had no effect, like two hours later it was back to normal. And thankfully it is normal.

I had it easy, I did alright without anyone’s help, but I have heard and know of the things that a lot of school kids go through these days and I would suggest, it is best to seek counsel and not to be embarrassed of anything. Just speak out and someone will hear you and reach out to you, for you are never alone – Never.


Nightmares Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

As it went, one day I slept for a sweet dream’s night, but as it turned out I was in for my first ever nightmare. It was intense and In my brother’s words… I was shaking. He had to punch me to wake me up. Yeah, a punch – a light blow though. When I see it scientifically I think I was in one of those deep sleeps with REM and in that, your brain has almost no activity except for producing a scary dream. It is an entirely different matter as to how does a dream seem so real.


I saw a man in cape with a black body, sort of like in the movie insidious, but without the nails and the scary music (movie reference). Dream: So, it started with me being in my hometown – the hilly regions – and in our house there, in the back yard, I see a shadow pass by me, the shadow’s deep intensely scary eyes are staring at me, and as I look into this devil/ghost – whatever’s eyes, all of a sudden I am in my apartment, back in the crowd of the city, there I am standing in the hall. But this time I could not see him anywhere until I look out of the window just to see him gliding in the air, still staring at me.

Now, at this point I must have started shaking, out of fear obviously. And strangely, in reality as well, while sleeping on my bed. Back to the story, the ghost with the red cape holding the darkness inside was now in my face. He was standing in front of me. Somehow the gliding ghost just passed through solid walls, the doors and the windows and in to the hall he came. Then, I put my reverse gear and walk backwards until I reach the dining area, where I am cornered because of the table and I fall on it. That is when I had run enough and there was no more hiding.

The ghost finally just leaps onto me and at the same time my brother hit me. And I woke up from my scary slumber. Pheew done! And I was more than happy to have woken up in the middle of night – free from all the trembling and sweating – For that moment it was scary.

What did it mean? Nothing, but it was intense. The only thing different that day was that I, for the first time in forever, had roamed around the town with my friends, and was so tired that I really needed to sleep. Thus, I actually slept very deep… very very deep.

My playlist.

Mix Tape: Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

Music!! Ah, get me started on that. I can’t really sing, compose or anything, but I do love and admire the art and the artists. It is amazing – the vocal range, the instruments, the knowledge of voice and its use, quite technical that is. And we have so many languages and so many things in this world that differentiates us. But music can definitely cross all boundaries. I think it binds us all because, It talks of life in such exquisite way. Be it love or other struggles, lyrics in every language have the similar meaning, similar message etc. And it goes without saying that the the octave stays the octave which ever place on the face of the planet Earth you are. Yeah, I am obsessed.

Now, my playlist begins from my teenage years goes up till now. And I am happy to see the progress and development. The first song ever you hear as an Indian is the lovely Lata Mangeshkar’s prayer mostly sung at morning School assemblies – “Itni shakti hume dena data...” literal translation: “God give me enough strength…” and so it goes.

From then to being a teen, my first English song was Lily Allen’s smile. And it has stuck with me till now. Also, dream a little dream of me and feeling good – Nina Simone are my favorite classics. Then it was the various Jonas brothers’ songs. Can’t recall any song now. Although Nick Jonas is doing great, Chains is a good song. After that it was Rihanna and all of her songs were pretty good, Justin Timberlake and his tunes that you could shake a leg too. Then Hillray Duff, Miley cyrus, James Blunt, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift happened – Like a phase.

Now, Bastille, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith and James Bay are my coolest choices these days. But the ones who made it this far and songs that match my current mood are:

Rev theory – Falling Down.

Evansessence – bring me back to life.

Sia – Titanium, Elalstic heart.

Adelle – Rolling in the deep.

Jessie J – Master piece.

Breaking Benjamin – I will not bow.

Skillet – one day too late.

Also, Celine Dion’s – Ave Maria. (I do not know its actual meaning, but it sounds like a good prayer).

And Swedish House mafia’s – Don’t you worry child (heaven’s got a plan for you).

Yup, my playlist shows I am in the making of my self – not bowing down, taking it slowly, and believing that I should not worry because heaven’s got a plan for me. Very much expected from any recent graduate. NO pressure, but yes… lots of pressure. Wish me luck for I want the phase 2 to begin lets get into some work.

Science can cure diseases, only.

Placebo Effect: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Not single… I’d love to cure all the painful, incurable diseases in this world. No one deserves to suffer and die alone like it happens in the case of the EVD – Ebola virus disease. I was only taught very little about it in my microbiology class, reading about its symptoms was scary enough, to have to go through something as bad as this hemorrhagic fever is worse than dying. But the world is yet to see the ever so evolving bacterial and viral diseases which could get way out of our hands, in the time to come. Anyway, we can only hope that science does what it promises and makes world a better place. I believe, it might take some time, but science can cure diseases.

Now, lets focus on to the major pandemic that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. You see it everyday, in one way or the other, yet we all are so helpless and this illness spreads around so easily and is totally incurable. The disease of idiocy, hatred, and being inhumane. Some day science would find a cure for AIDS just like it can cure many forms of cancer today, if detected at early stages, that is. 

So, as we become more advanced the diseases that are incurable now might start getting cured, but I very highly doubt that there would be any pill that one could pop, or take a shot (injection) and become sane – something to cure idiocy. Something to set a lunatic’s head straight – who think their way of life or they, in general, are the supreme of all. Who have taken human form on this Earth to set it on the right path. As if it were going to get sucked into an unending pit of darkness and they are the only saviours. To think highly of yourself or your ways is not just wrong but also idiotic. Now cure that!!

Hatred, another thing I’d like to cure. Well, from this haughty, disdainful, imperious, supercilious behaviour one only creates hatred for themselves, and hates all others, for they think their stupidity should be praised as opposed to being reprimanded. Now cure that!! And as far as it goes, some lunatics only lose their touch with reality and the touch with the human inside them hence, the inhumane people are made on this very Earth. No one did this to them, but one single false idea of being the superior, one wrong perception and see how the world just gets screwed up (I think I am allowed to use that word).

From the fights over race, colour, culture, religion, social/financial status, work, gender… The list just keeps going on and nowadays it is very common to see fights, hatred and bullying over strength and sexual orientation as well (not necessarily together though), but  the world has some serious problems that science just can not help with. Humans made science just like all these above listed issues and only we can stop it from growing any bigger or else, one day, all of it will fall down on us. The sticks and stones will only shatter us down and we would leave nothing but those sticks and stones behind us.

Whatever happened to live and let live!! Create love, call it peace, define yourself with love – that is our race, that is our culture, that is our religion and let love be the new sexual orientation.

You are Invited.

It’s My Party: You’re throwing a party — for you! Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!

You are cordially invited

To the biggest bash since the big bang

(’cause no one cares about the party once the booze is in. You will have a time of your life anyway)

Theme: Your dream come true.

Venue: AT Insach’s place.

Date and Time: 22/05/15, 4.0 pm (no it isn’t a tea party)

Food: An array of choices from Continental food followed by major course of desserts.

Drinks: Alcoholic for alcohol-lovers  everyone and a bottle of juice to be shared among the minority.

Dress: like in your life of dreams,

And eat, drink, dance, enjoy! – EDDE!

P.S.: Acting sane and talking sensible is purely optional. EDDE is all the buzz.

P.P.S.: Gifts not required, but it would be appreciated if you brought them. Gift cards will be appreciated more than gifts.

P.P.P.S.: Bring yourself plus one. Not your whole extended family of cousins’s cousin’s cousin.

You do not wanna miss

On this opportunity to be

insanely inebriated again. So…

RSVP: Insach.

       PARTIES ARE ALL THE SAME. What did the prompt expect me to have?? Cirque du Soleil at my home for none other than myself. Give me a picturesque view; like a hill top overseeing an ocean or something, and a cuppa – I’ll spend quality time filled with laughter and joy with family members and some closest of friends – that’s my entourage and that’s my party! Like literally… After all, the theme does say ” your dream come true”, and that’s mine.

From my easle.

Tried my hand at painting for the first time in forever. It is not perfect, but I think I did almost get it 😛 Being a kid again!!

Anyway, here we have a wedding portraying a newly-wed modern Indian couple in a traditional way.


Just trying to be creative. Pic: An Indian wedding; the bride and the bride’s groom. NOTE: Do not mind the use of computer for the final touches, which are not necessarily spot on (like the eyes) XD

This has nothing to do with the daily prompt but think about it… Math and science can be very easily dealt with, but you want a real land  moment of confusion, check the above pic again – it is a wedding and from the very beginning of planning to the execution, till the end everything, in such occasions, is as perfect as it should/could be, overwhelming and confusing yet full of joy. Just Frabjous!!


 You, the Sandwich: If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it.

Something made of chocolate!!

What a funny coincidence, though… This prompt comes on a day when I just watched Julie and Julia. It is a nice movie and has so many delicacies in it. So much of cooking, eating and blogging in the movie that it actually makes you hungry and reminds you of your own blog, that is if you have one.

The movie does showcase the frustration of an aspiring writer and in quite a detail deals with the daily problems encountered by a cookery blogger/writer. Anyway talking of food and that to something named after me, I’d Name it Choco-loco-Insach!! It’s funny, it’s catchy and Insach loves it.

What is this “Choco-Loco-Insach”?  Well, you have to taste it really understand it.

Here’s how I imagine it: It is a three layered chocolate sponge cake with vanilla and raspberry icing while the top layer has a chocolate ganache, and in the middle a generous dollop of butter cream with a cherry on the top. That is the choco part, the loco is when you decorate it by alternately placing macarons, Petit Gâteau, brownie, vanilla ice-cream garnished with some almonds and pistachios and, choco-mousse.

Yup!! that’s thorough… That is ’cause I know my food. So, the word-press magician make it happen and let us all enjoy it.

Just the way it is.

Idyllic: What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Leave it the way it is because, that is what makes it ideal. The world is idyllic as far as I see it – perfectly imperfect, that is. And that makes living in it a journey full of adventures, which I agree are not necessarily ideal, but important. Anyway, the mere idea of Utopia seems so unimaginable, how can one answer such direct questions about it?

However, If my ideal community could exist, I would prefer people to be human and humane if anything else (Period). Who needs organisation and values in a place where everyone practices being human. But with perfection comes boredom – just an opinion – I feel there could be some stagnancy, if every thing worked out perfectly and everyone was perfect in a perfect world with prefect lives. Too much of “prefect” – too much of anything is not good.

I would definitely like my ideal community to be above and beyond the worthless things, talks and actions that our world loves to adopt and accept. If I am not wrong, crazy is in and sanity is rebuked. It’s like being not normal is the new norm and every thing is a hot topic, be it as worthless as what a celebrity wears or eats and wait till it becomes a trend. Not saying all trends are stupid but some are just ridiculous.

I remember how people used to say that, style never fades away and always come back while fashion is just about taste and obviously for a season. But nowadays it is not about style or taste, rather it is about not being late on a “trend”. If they can do it, I can do it too – people have taken it too seriously. Copying is not being trendy!! Apart from that people like imitating habits and can go as far as behaving in a particular way ’cause it is trendy!!

Well, that’s just one facet of many many more things that are not so right out there. But we are not supposed to judge, just sit back and enjoy because, It is a fragile world and let it be the way it is… try to meddle with it and it might fall (on you).