Just the way it is.

Idyllic: What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Leave it the way it is because, that is what makes it ideal. The world is idyllic as far as I see it – perfectly imperfect, that is. And that makes living in it a journey full of adventures, which I agree are not necessarily ideal, but important. Anyway, the mere idea of Utopia seems so unimaginable, how can one answer such direct questions about it?

However, If my ideal community could exist, I would prefer people to be human and humane if anything else (Period). Who needs organisation and values in a place where everyone practices being human. But with perfection comes boredom – just an opinion – I feel there could be some stagnancy, if every thing worked out perfectly and everyone was perfect in a perfect world with prefect lives. Too much of “prefect” – too much of anything is not good.

I would definitely like my ideal community to be above and beyond the worthless things, talks and actions that our world loves to adopt and accept. If I am not wrong, crazy is in and sanity is rebuked. It’s like being not normal is the new norm and every thing is a hot topic, be it as worthless as what a celebrity wears or eats and wait till it becomes a trend. Not saying all trends are stupid but some are just ridiculous.

I remember how people used to say that, style never fades away and always come back while fashion is just about taste and obviously for a season. But nowadays it is not about style or taste, rather it is about not being late on a “trend”. If they can do it, I can do it too – people have taken it too seriously. Copying is not being trendy!! Apart from that people like imitating habits and can go as far as behaving in a particular way ’cause it is trendy!!

Well, that’s just one facet of many many more things that are not so right out there. But we are not supposed to judge, just sit back and enjoy because, It is a fragile world and let it be the way it is… try to meddle with it and it might fall (on you).

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