You, the Sandwich: If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it.

Something made of chocolate!!

What a funny coincidence, though… This prompt comes on a day when I just watched Julie and Julia. It is a nice movie and has so many delicacies in it. So much of cooking, eating and blogging in the movie that it actually makes you hungry and reminds you of your own blog, that is if you have one.

The movie does showcase the frustration of an aspiring writer and in quite a detail deals with the daily problems encountered by a cookery blogger/writer. Anyway talking of food and that to something named after me, I’d Name it Choco-loco-Insach!! It’s funny, it’s catchy and Insach loves it.

What is this “Choco-Loco-Insach”?  Well, you have to taste it really understand it.

Here’s how I imagine it: It is a three layered chocolate sponge cake with vanilla and raspberry icing while the top layer has a chocolate ganache, and in the middle a generous dollop of butter cream with a cherry on the top. That is the choco part, the loco is when you decorate it by alternately placing macarons, Petit Gâteau, brownie, vanilla ice-cream garnished with some almonds and pistachios and, choco-mousse.

Yup!! that’s thorough… That is ’cause I know my food. So, the word-press magician make it happen and let us all enjoy it.