From my easle.

Tried my hand at painting for the first time in forever. It is not perfect, but I think I did almost get it 😛 Being a kid again!!

Anyway, here we have a wedding portraying a newly-wed modern Indian couple in a traditional way.


Just trying to be creative. Pic: An Indian wedding; the bride and the bride’s groom. NOTE: Do not mind the use of computer for the final touches, which are not necessarily spot on (like the eyes) XD

This has nothing to do with the daily prompt but think about it… Math and science can be very easily dealt with, but you want a real land  moment of confusion, check the above pic again – it is a wedding and from the very beginning of planning to the execution, till the end everything, in such occasions, is as perfect as it should/could be, overwhelming and confusing yet full of joy. Just Frabjous!!

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