My playlist.

Mix Tape: Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

Music!! Ah, get me started on that. I can’t really sing, compose or anything, but I do love and admire the art and the artists. It is amazing – the vocal range, the instruments, the knowledge of voice and its use, quite technical that is. And we have so many languages and so many things in this world that differentiates us. But music can definitely cross all boundaries. I think it binds us all because, It talks of life in such exquisite way. Be it love or other struggles, lyrics in every language have the similar meaning, similar message etc. And it goes without saying that the the octave stays the octave which ever place on the face of the planet Earth you are. Yeah, I am obsessed.

Now, my playlist begins from my teenage years goes up till now. And I am happy to see the progress and development. The first song ever you hear as an Indian is the lovely Lata Mangeshkar’s prayer mostly sung at morning School assemblies – “Itni shakti hume dena data...” literal translation: “God give me enough strength…” and so it goes.

From then to being a teen, my first English song was Lily Allen’s smile. And it has stuck with me till now. Also, dream a little dream of me and feeling good – Nina Simone are my favorite classics. Then it was the various Jonas brothers’ songs. Can’t recall any song now. Although Nick Jonas is doing great, Chains is a good song. After that it was Rihanna and all of her songs were pretty good, Justin Timberlake and his tunes that you could shake a leg too. Then Hillray Duff, Miley cyrus, James Blunt, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift happened – Like a phase.

Now, Bastille, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith and James Bay are my coolest choices these days. But the ones who made it this far and songs that match my current mood are:

Rev theory – Falling Down.

Evansessence – bring me back to life.

Sia – Titanium, Elalstic heart.

Adelle – Rolling in the deep.

Jessie J – Master piece.

Breaking Benjamin – I will not bow.

Skillet – one day too late.

Also, Celine Dion’s – Ave Maria. (I do not know its actual meaning, but it sounds like a good prayer).

And Swedish House mafia’s – Don’t you worry child (heaven’s got a plan for you).

Yup, my playlist shows I am in the making of my self – not bowing down, taking it slowly, and believing that I should not worry because heaven’s got a plan for me. Very much expected from any recent graduate. NO pressure, but yes… lots of pressure. Wish me luck for I want the phase 2 to begin lets get into some work.


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