Nightmares Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

As it went, one day I slept for a sweet dream’s night, but as it turned out I was in for my first ever nightmare. It was intense and In my brother’s words… I was shaking. He had to punch me to wake me up. Yeah, a punch – a light blow though. When I see it scientifically I think I was in one of those deep sleeps with REM and in that, your brain has almost no activity except for producing a scary dream. It is an entirely different matter as to how does a dream seem so real.


I saw a man in cape with a black body, sort of like in the movie insidious, but without the nails and the scary music (movie reference). Dream: So, it started with me being in my hometown – the hilly regions – and in our house there, in the back yard, I see a shadow pass by me, the shadow’s deep intensely scary eyes are staring at me, and as I look into this devil/ghost – whatever’s eyes, all of a sudden I am in my apartment, back in the crowd of the city, there I am standing in the hall. But this time I could not see him anywhere until I look out of the window just to see him gliding in the air, still staring at me.

Now, at this point I must have started shaking, out of fear obviously. And strangely, in reality as well, while sleeping on my bed. Back to the story, the ghost with the red cape holding the darkness inside was now in my face. He was standing in front of me. Somehow the gliding ghost just passed through solid walls, the doors and the windows and in to the hall he came. Then, I put my reverse gear and walk backwards until I reach the dining area, where I am cornered because of the table and I fall on it. That is when I had run enough and there was no more hiding.

The ghost finally just leaps onto me and at the same time my brother hit me. And I woke up from my scary slumber. Pheew done! And I was more than happy to have woken up in the middle of night – free from all the trembling and sweating – For that moment it was scary.

What did it mean? Nothing, but it was intense. The only thing different that day was that I, for the first time in forever, had roamed around the town with my friends, and was so tired that I really needed to sleep. Thus, I actually slept very deep… very very deep.