Refuge from reality.

On the Edge: We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Watching TV!! That’s my refuge from reality. I do take breaks in the form of meditation and exercising – I actually love it. And even science says its not just good for health but for mood as well. But my escape is the television.

Yeah, I am a grown up but would still lose my self watching clean, pure cartoons (not the horrific news about all the sadness in the world or horrendous reality shows). But good quality drama, comedy or simple cartoons that teach you about the ways of life – that’s my favourite genre. It is as good as falling asleep while your granma tells you a bedtime-story.

I am no avid reader or writer, I am just an enthusiastic learner. I like going with the flow and that is what everyone should do. Although, life presents different circumstances for everyone and has very different pace. But in all the madness of chasing that one dream that would settle us in life – we run.

We keep running until we are either tired to do it anymore or have just reached our destination. Either way, we do not take on this sort of journey with a hot head and also we do take breathers every once in a while. And unlike the prompt, no one said you have to choose one of these, it could be all of these – daily or alternately. I mean, it is your escape after all.

Art is another one of my favourite things – music is something where in your soul can take dips into the ocean of an everlasting peace. I do not get paintings and stuff much but music gives meaning to life. We all know very well how music can affect our mood.

It unleashes a range of feelings that you might be unaware of. Like for instance, even when you are not in love, but still understand the pain of separation from a loved one just by listening to a sad love song, or watching/reading a story based on a similar context.

So, in conclusion, we either lose our feelings and bust our stress by working out or something like that or we just replace them by other feelings that could be generated by the emotional context of a story in form of lyrics, poems, songs, prose, pictures, photos, paintings or theatrics. Boy, do we like our respite from the everyday life.

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