Listen to your heart.

I Am a Rock: Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

As a child we all are taught to follow orders and as we grow up everyone expects us to figure out everything on our own. Yeah, it is an evil plan that the Universe has been working at all along, to surprise us with newer things as and when we get the nuances of the first one. Each time you get a little grip on something, you will find yourself dealing with an entirely different set of issues that require new tactics.

It is like, finally when you learn to add and subtract, you are given the tough task of multiplications and divisions – Life!! and Mathematics!! Oh, how I loathed Math in elementary school, but later found myself admiring the subject. Now, why did I start liking it?

Actually, I followed the voices in my head, I listened to my heart and yeah also to the teacher’s advice. The thing is, I have made decisions as easy as this one and others mostly on my own. I think being the elder kid you have to deal with everything first hand. There are not many people that could tell you about things in your language.

So, you learn to try and try and try until it is done in your way because, that is the only way you have known for so long. Hence, I am not good at asking for help as much as I am in lending a hand. I have been the rock at least for myself. Well, I tried to be one for the others, but It turned out to be too much work. People seek your advice only to do what they wanted to do all along. So save yourself the disappointment, stay out of it.

Anyway, I still am the rock – steady, strong and rolling on because there is only one thing I am very certain about; that silence only signals an approaching storm. Scary as that might sound, being a rock actually helps in the rain, you do not get bothered by the water, you do not mind the strong winds – you have learnt how to mould yourself into a situation, accept and move on. And that is the lesson from all the trials in life. Learn to hold your ground and when needed be there for others – be the support for yourself first and others second.