Falling down to stand back up.

In a Crisis: Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Crisis are common and so are reactions. Although, I believe in keeping quite now and responding later than to make matters worst by reacting on the spot. But even with all the knowledge that I have gathered on this one way journey also known as life, I still find myself amidst unwanted situations or to name them correctly – crisis, that I can not handle with as much peace and expertise that I thought I am capable of.

Life seems so daunting these days. It is like every day is a test in one or the other way. If you are being tested for patience today, do not take a respite for you will be tested for your crisis management tomorrow. Maybe I am being a little negative here but I have felt this for quite some time now. Life is a challenge – like everyday. Being optimistic starts seeming foolish after a while. May be not every one is a happy go lucky person.

I mean, come on!! As a kid I was enjoying, as a School student I was learning, as a college student I was planning, and now when I think I am done with my tests and exams like literally. Life has chosen to show me an entirely different facet of it and has made it a point to bog me down with unnecessary problems. And I am not even talking about relationships… who even has the time for that?

If I talk about my past, I have seen the good, the bad and if you think I am going to say the better, you are wrong. I have seen the good, the bad and au contraire to what I thought or expected it only got crazier- not better – strangely matters got out of hand – seems like life is. Oh, but I have fallen down to stand back up and that too with my head held up high because life’s too short to be bothered by anything.

It’s one life we get and I am not letting anything or anyone push me around or make me sad. Obviously, it is a roller coaster and there is lot more to be seen and experienced, but as far as I am concerned I try to let it out. That is my reaction. If I am sad, I feel it as strongly as I can – bottling it up, hiding it in is useless and waiting for a saviour -thinking that someone from somewhere is going to come for your help is not going happen.

You have to be your own hero, your own rock and carry on with the low feeling – very low. And to get rid of the feeling, to get right back on your feet – let it go, let your feelings show. That is how I react, it is not perfect, but It has helped. Definitely it keeps me level headed and happy as well.