Imagination as a toy.

Toy Story What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I was always the odd one out. Whenever my friends wanted to play board games, I wanted sports and whenever they chose sports, I chose indoor activities. And that is why I do not see one thing that could be singled out as my toy or my anything. I wanted it all, whatever there was, never demanded much though but definitely got  my hand onto everything that I saw could be played with (not people’s hearts or feelings).

I guess curiosity was my thing and imagination my toy. I loved the idea of a world different than others. I was not too big a fan of video games, I did enjoy them but it was all in moderation. My post makes me look like a boring person but I think I lived and believed that variety is the spice in life.

So, television seems like the kind of thing that would have satisfied my hunger for imagination, given that I could not read all the amazing books available out there, after all I was only a normal kid, unfortunately not a prodigy. But the TV remote gave way to a world full of different themes and subjects (like literally they do have channels teaching you math, science and such) and I was enjoying those shows.

I was loving my cartoons and fables and stories, losing myself in them for hours which would later get me spectacles at a very young age, but sprinkled with a dash of outdoorsy stuff – I maintained my touch with the real world and the real fun. So, even though someone else’s, imagination was the toy.

Not to mention how every kid likes to imagine being a super hero, a dragon, Harry potter and friends, some liked being Lord Voldemort and some liked being an animal, but it was all so much fun. Again, there is no one one toy to name. Anyhow, I do understand how our psychology works and sticking to a toy could mean something, but even with all the imagination filled childhood of mine, I did not turn out be like the amazing J.K. Rowling.

6 thoughts on “Imagination as a toy.

  1. I enjoyed reading this and can really relate to it. I don’t remember a specific toy either and tended to dabble in a lot of different things as a kid. Seems like imagination was the best toy a kid could have, since it didn’t need batteries, space, good weather, and it’s versatile. 🙂

    • Absolutely mate!! That’s how I see it as well. Imagination is and I think should be every child’s toy. Like you perfectly put it – no need for batteries or anything else and it is limitless.

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