The changing ways.

The Kindness of Strangers: When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

Stranger? and kind? what are we, living in a paradise? Lets face it, no one has the time and that is that. I can not really see any supposedly busy person doing a good, generous deed for nothing. It is either out of habit or for some benefit. Goodness is no more a service, it is a rare thing now. I try to do and be good because, I believe good begets good. Is it right, to say it like that? I am not necessarily pushing the idea of karma, but the fact that the universe has a way of working and, in one of its many mysterious ways, every action is supposed to have an opposite and equal reaction (I might have gone into the physics of life).

Reaction – outcomes that are abrupt and out of our hands – good or bad, now that depends on what we put out. After all, they do say, what goes around comes around and that too stronger so is the case with our thoughts. Come on, we all know this is one is true; positivity has been proven to be an actual thing by science or may it is just that being a nut case is the only way to be happy in this world.

Being optimistic in the most direst of circumstances… now that is real power/strength. But also the said person could be seen as a nutter by normal other people. Anyway the optimistic people do always win, for they never worry about the situation, but sit through the whole process hoping for the best and face the obvious bad ending better than someone who had a bad journey all along.

So, nope I have not had a single stranger be generous to me for as long as I can think of. You see, it is too much of a journey and the long distance that we all have to cover has us preoccupied. So, no one is to be blamed as only a very few are really in the present in the. Moreover, It is not good to expect help and you do not really know if it is really going to be of any meaning to you. “Get it done on your own” is a motto a lot of us live by and I think in that we also expect others to be like that.

4 thoughts on “The changing ways.

  1. On one hand I completely agree with you, people ARE busy and it’s a rough journey for everyone. Being independent is great, but I’ve also come to realize that we are social creatures, we wouldn’t have evolved to be the way we are now if some sort of kindness or mutual support wasn’t hardwired deep in the recesses of our brains somewhere. Compared to the greater world, we’re pretty pathetic as far as brute survival skills are concerned. Solitary and successful is not something humans are necessarily good at until very recently.

    I think the greater level of convenience and quality of life for the more industrialized nations has allowed for this laser-focus we tend to have on our own lives, but honestly? Look around us. Behind the trappings of convenience and self-sufficiency we’re kinda circling the drain here as a whole. The only way we can sustain any sort of growth is if we are kind to each other, up to and including strangers (within reason). I see a lot of what you’re describing too, I really do, and it is somewhat disheartening. I also see a lot of selfless actions and people being supportive of others for no reason other than there is a need that can be addressed. No one makes this journey alone, we just think we do because our busy lives give us this impression. In truth, we rely on each other on, AT MINIMUM, a structural level and it is in everyone’s best interest to hold hands and cross the street together. 😛 Even if it seems like I can handle things totally on my own, I know (for a fact) that I’m not REALLY doing everything on my own, and I know that one day, I’ll be the person in need. Acting with kindness is just part and parcel of survival, part of surviving the journey, and I think society (as a whole) will eventually learn that. I just hope we don’t end up completely screwed before that lesson sticks.

    You write such thought-provoking posts by the way! Nice work!

  2. Thank you for your kind words and also for sharing your amazing thoughts. 🙂

    I totally agree with you, in some ways this busy life of ours has given us the impression that, we are lone wolves in our own lives surrounded by other lone wolves making us forget that the truth is – we all depend on each other and we’ll need someone, sometime, somewhere.

    And I too have seen some acts of kindness and selflessness, but it is just that it is becoming rare. What is needed, is being ignored, and that is being kind… simply, be good for no reason. The lesson should stick.

  3. Kindness that you are speaking of is becoming rarer these days. Too much greed, selfishness, “what’s in it for me.” This is also why it makes such people – those who help others- that much more of a diamond. Hopefully, things will change for the better instead of for the worse, as they have been.

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