It seems like there is a relationship between good and bad days. Have you ever looked at it that way? I, sometimes, feel it might be the rules of science governing our lives. Why is balance so important? After all, It is life not a chemical experiment that requires each ingredient in a well calculated amount. Anyway, as it goes, good follows bad follows good – just too much, is it not? The cycle seems never ending until one day our time ends. No respite till then, I guess.

I wonder, how there is an exact opposite to everything, how there is a meaning hidden between the lines. Some how everything is such a mystery and yet it is not a big deal at all. Why? Why? Well, when you have so many thoughts and so many questions with no answers to them, chances are you will take a step back and give it all up – Stop thinking about it or perhaps not stop at all.

Surprisingly, going against my curious nature I would suggest doing so – Just take a step back. It is a race, but you do not necessarily have to run in it. You can take a backseat – sometimes a break is all we need. You know how balance is important!! Too many thoughts now means give your brains a rest later.

As far as science experiments and biology is concerned, I get it balance rules, but in life… Hmmm, not sure if I am looking forward to a bad day after a good one. But then again, Karma is based on the concept of balance, and so are the seasons; autumn and spring, who is to say balance is not real?

I think It is as real as Cherophobia. I recently came to know about it. Now, check this out. We have a word for the fear of happiness. No doubt, with such proper balance in our lives if everyone is to look at happiness as a harbinger of sadness, the number of people suffering from Cherophobia will only increase. Psychology might be a deeper matter but simply put… experiences leave a mark.

And with all the ups and downs and constant discord that we witness in and around us, we are being changed constantly… little by little, but it is affecting our pattern of thoughts. These experiences leave a deeper impression than we can imagine. Hence, we have a continuous flow of rational or, sometimes we think are rational but, irrational thoughts swarming our head.

And one of these can have a strong influence on everything we take in through our senses. In short, nothing will feel good on such a day. I say, fear is ok, but not until it really starts manifesting into reality. Until then take heart, sit back, and unwind. Easy to say not as easy to follow, though.

The magical formula is to be balanced at all times. There is nothing that will make a day bad or good if you start seeing everything as it is without the labels. No do not be emotionless – a poker face is not required – but laughing helps. Laugh as you fall and Roll On the floor if you will, but stand right back up and smile it off. Be crazy because being serious has not helped anyone. I find crazy to be the balance between good and bad so, let’s try walking on this rope.

2 thoughts on “Balance.

    • Thank you for stopping by. Much appreciated 🙂
      I agree leisure is important so much so that, I would not keep it as an alternate but make it a way of life hahahaha, only if it was entirely in my hands 😛

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