World Peace.

Lucky Star: Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?



Well, If these prompts have thought of giving me false hopes than who am I to ignore them. I will accept them straight away. Also, I can do with some wishes right now. Like for one, if by this lucky star, all the stupid people of the world could be teleported to some other place – I would ask the star to do it at this instant. I can do without all the ill mannered, lacking-common-sense, hot headed, egoistic people etc.

Who would not appreciate this wish of mine? I am simply asking to remove every person, who litters where it clearly says not to do so, who would cut/kill an endangered tree/flower or animal, from the face of the Earth. Do not kill them just make a new planet and let them live in their own filth. Now, I could have asked to make people have more common sense, but I would rather deal with the problem of population this way. Earth has suffered enough because of us. I am just being concerned.

So, yeah granting common sense won’t work. Teleport them to another place altogether and make it a one way ticket for all I care – Problem solved.

Secondly, a house perhaps. Yeah, why not? I am on a new journey in my life. Fresh graduate, new job and all that. Now I could have asked for a car, but then again with stupid people teleported to this new planet (by my first wish), public transport might just be fun, not to mention scientific studies suggest that more use of public transport would help in decreasing carbon emissions and CFCs thus, protecting what protects us – the overlooked Ozone layer.

So, again not being selfish at all. I would say, it is rather a charitable cause. So, my second wish, make up a nice cozy house for me.

For my third wish…. I want… errr…. how about world peace? We all can use that! Just being charitable you see. It is not everyday that you get your wishes granted. So I chose them very carefully. Now you be careful what you wish for it just might be granted.


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