My swag.

Style Icon: Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

Something new from our daily prompts, how wonderful!! Firstly, Let us take a moment to laugh at my choice of title, what an over used word it is. Anyway, I do not really have any swag (what ever it really means), I have a sense of style instead. I am not necessarily trendy, I like to have a touch of uniqueness in my ways. So, it is difficult for me, should be for anyone, to define “style” in one particular way.

Style has as many meanings as many personalities there are in the world – which would amount to a handful, I am sure. Like any other twenty something fellow, I too am still figuring it out. So in one way or the other my style changes, not frequently but it is not stable so to speak. You can not stick to the same technology these days let alone style. Although, fashion comes and goes while style stays the same or we can say it just has a longer life.

Anyway, I was just a Uni goer till the last year. I was like any other grad student wearing jeans and tees, rarely formals and ate food and junk food and after that more food and I’d talk about anything and everything with my mates – at times in a very meaningless way as well. But that is just a typical young adult and this very fact is the whole beauty of being young, you can be as stupid as you like.  Also, it is expected of us – a lot!!

But just as University is an entirely different experience compared to School, so is professional world. All over the world the people in corporate sector have different options to choose from, there are uniforms in some places, daily wear is allowed at others, while normal formal attire, business casuals or the super, suave, clean, formal look are more preferred at some places, depending on the market that they deal with. Yes, there is quite a lot of technicality involved. Suit for every occasion?? okay,wow mind blown away.

I do not know the whole picture as of yet, but I do understand that first impressions are indeed the only impression that lasts because, from this first introduction onward, people will sort of categorise you under a particular style. So not just clothes but your whole being is under scrutiny, believe me it is, and it does matter. No one’s judging the book that we are by our covers but our content (our way of communication) will be the one last thing that could save us, should we happen to fail in the covers department.

Relationships are based on appearances, that is not a new thing, we all know that. It might sound shallow, but we humans work that way or else we would not be categorising people based on so many things. My point is clear and I would leave this sensitive matter as it is.

Now, going along the lines of my yesterday’s blog, the part of behaving has been taken care of by me. So, soft tone, slow speed, clear and good articulation, pronunciation, intonation etc etc are the things that I have literally worked on… I hold my forks and knives properly too. All this just gives me an upper hand and confidence where ever it is required. So, my style might be a little uptight but I keep it very simple, to suit my fancy – I’d say it is posh Or may be like my English teacher would say that I am a gentle man. Good, but so sad I have got no swag.


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