It’s permanent.

Tattoo….You? Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on your skin?

Tattoos are a work of art and this makes them admirable. But they are forever and ever… The one thing that scares me is the fact that, once you have it you have to carry it with you to your grave unless surgeries are done to remove it. Which feels like a very harsh repercussion for a small thing.

Tattoos are cool, but only to look at. Not to mention these tattoos could be disastrous as well. I have heard of guys getting, their supposed-to-be girfriend’s, name tattooed on their bodies only to see her walk out of the relationship one day, leaving him in pain and with a permanent reminder of the same – a reminder that he literally can never get away from.

On the other hand, the general idea is that getting a tattoo hurts. And not just that, the needle that will poke its way into and out of your skin, putting permanent ink in a stylised/artistic way, can also be a source of getting HIV into your system. Okay, now that is waayyy too much for getting a small, permanent stamp of coolness.

And even after all this does not scare you, be the brave heart you are, but then comes the most important part – what to get tattooed?

There are endless choices. I am not getting one on me, but I like how the whole world likes getting tattoos of words/phrases from a foreign language – Maroon Five’s Adam levine’s tattoo “तपस” (read Tapuss) from Sanskrit language is a good example. Also, I think the meaning is related to tapasaya which directly translates into meditation so, it is a good thing to have on yourself compared to a skull.

Similarly, many people prefer getting famous quotes, their family, loved one’s names, or something else that they find funny, artistic or meaningful enough to get permanently inked on them. My favourite would be from the Sanskrit language – something like रुद्र or आत्मन् (read as Rudra or Atman) – something that is not necessarily religious but very spiritually powerful.

Rudra means relating to wind and storm thus, signifies power while Atman simply means soul – the simplest yet truest essence of our human form. In my opinion It is already popular to get such things tattooed (thanks to Adam Levine and many others) and such small words could fit on the inside of one’s fingers or wrist, making it possible to have a tattoo with out making it too conspicuous. Plus smaller the tattoo lesser the pain, but I am only suggesting not planning on getting one.

4 thoughts on “It’s permanent.

    • Hahaha yeah, I get what you mean. Like getting a tattoo that says flower or wind. I have seen these words as tattoos. When I see them, I always think… Okay, I get it you love nature!! Just look around to enjoy it rather than staring at the tattoo. Hehe.

      • I guess what makes me sad is that young people make these decisions when life is new and the tritest sayings are fresh and new. Then they have to live with that level of banality for their entire lives. There is something about a tattoo that freezes you at the stage of existence where you were when you committed to it. Like having to live with that seventies avocado or harvest gold fridge for the rest of your life!

      • Yeah, that is very insightful. Sooner or later young kids will grow up, but something like a tattoo would actually freeze that stage of existence, which even they might want to get out of at later stages. That is deep.

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