It’s a trap.

From You to You: Write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Dear Insach

Hi, I hope everything is going great. This is @insach21,  21 is the age when you will start blogging and @ signifies the way people would communicate in your future. The use of @ and # would not only show how updated you are with trend or how cool you are, but also it will serve as a tool on various platforms to make yourself heard among million other people who…. errr… ummm.. care about what you have to say.

Anyway, as a reply to a daily prompt (you will know what a prompt is, in next 7 years) this letter is being written to you by your older self. So, do not get scared just keep reading even though a lot will not make sense because, you are still in 2008 – the good old times (old for me not for you). I hope you are following.

Let us just cut to the chase. Ok so here is the deal, I know how much you want to grow up and be this and that, and believe me you can be what ever you want to be, everything is allowed in this side of the timeline – a lot of good has come out of it – letting people be themselves. Yes, you guessed it right the future is bright. But….

Butts are very much in fashion in 2015 – another one of those accept everything as fashion/trend rules applies here. But sadly my but is the one with a single ‘t’ oh, yeah the good old “but”, the one that always comes with a bad news. So the future is bright, but growing up is a trap do not fall for it. Live your simple kid life, for you will not get this time ever back again. It is literally a lifetime opportunity and do not hurry to grow up – take it slow.

You will mature with time – in all ways possible. So before you start seeing the black and white of the world, enjoy your time of ignorance because, it is the only time you will feel such bliss. After this phase is gone, you will find out that, life is a twisted road full of surprising, at times not so good, events that somehow you will be held responsible for.

You might even have to do a few things against your virtues, at times you will have to tell the half truth (this way you will keep the guilt of lying afar). You will go through thick and thin and you will change. Yes, the patience and calmness will be tested so many times that you will be filled with short lived frustrations, and anger – a constant pain in the butt. This change will be painful, but you will get through it smoothly.

Nevertheless,you will come out as a stronger person who would not only believe but preach that it’s one life we get and it shouldn’t be wasted in fret (ting). Yup, the trying and testing would be on a daily basis because, the world does not let goodness prevail and holding on to your self, your beliefs will be the hardest thing in the future.

Just learn to LOL but in a literal way. It will help a lot.

Yours Yourself

Insach 2015!


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