Rain Rain come again.

Through the Window: Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

If I go out right now, I will get to see “through my window” the darkness of the night, also I might catch a sight of a random stranger/drunkard (if any) with the help of the street lights. But I have a better Idea. I will share the picture that I took today in the evening.


As anyone can see my view is a very beautiful one. After a week long of hot and humid (bad, bad, bad!!) weather, it finally poured down. It was such a good and heavy rain that the city roads got flooded, people could not see clearly while driving, they were stuck in traffic, and as it was Friday evening – everyone was in a haste to rush back to their comfy chairs or beds at home – after enduring five exhausting days of work.

As far as I am concerned, I got out of the office only once it stopped raining and managed to not get wet at all. And as I was half way home, almost near the last leg of my journey, it started raining so much that I had to wait for it stop at the subway (metro rail station) for like twenty minutes.

Then as the rain started to calm down a little, suddenly I thought that a ten minute walk to home, in a drizzle, is not a big deal . And again as I was half way through the walk, it started raining cats and dog, This time around I had to wait for another fifteen minutes. I took protection under a shed of a closed shop. Nevertheless, the rain never stopped and I arrived at home fully drenched. Keeping my mobile phone dry was the only priority and it went well.

Thanks weather channels, your predictions were accurate. The rain that was to arrive on Monday finally did come like five days later – the very day I chose not to carry an umbrella. Anyway, I do love rainy season and the unpredictable monsoon rains, but only “through my window”.

8 thoughts on “Rain Rain come again.

    • Hahaha yeah, it was just like childhood. Once, I stopped thinking about the clothes and getting wet and all, I really enjoyed the pause that I got because of the rain in this otherwise fast paced life. Plus I did really enjoy walking in the rain – I felt very liberated for some reason.

  1. I wish it would rain here and cool down. It rained for a few minutes some time the week before last. We golden oldies are not so used to the heat. this year is a record heat wave with temperatures daily around 35°C and in some places in Switzerland it reached 40°C yesterday. Roll on Autumn.

    • I agree this hot and humid weather is the worst, you do not even need to move to sweat – it is on automatic mode. Never thought Europe ever touched temperatures above 30-35. It must be really bad for you guys. We, on the other hand, are used to high heat but seriously Autumn is more welcomed than the monsoon season.

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