Three Coins in the Fountain: Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

Have I ever seen a fountain? Oh yeah, that one time at that garden – I remember. Actually, fountains are pretty rare on this side of the world and the ones that do exist are more or less gifts from our ancestors previous rulers, like the famous Mughal gardens. Oh, the architecture, the planning, the beauty!! Well in short everything about them is stupendous.

Everyone knows the Taj mahal, but the garden adjacent  to it kind of gets over shadowed by the gigantic yet mesmerizing marble structure – it literally shadows the entire garden. Anyhow, these Mughal style gardens that are based on Persian architecture are scattered all over the northern regions (not so sure about the southern) and are definitely a thing of beauty during the sprig season.

Some of these (or may be even all of these) gardens are under special care and supervision. They are opened on a particular season for the common people to hang around and it is the only opportunity for them to take in the captivating beauty of nature’s creation coupled with an artisans vision. And that is where once, in year long time can, can a person see a fountain – worth seeing that is.

This brings me to the answer of the prompt – no I have not littered a fountain with coins. Fountains are not common here, let alone people throwing money in them. And when something like this beautiful comes under the protection of the state, well you do not dare to breathe near the fountain – forget about throwing stuff at it. You get the idea.

Although, I love the sentiment behind wishing upon a fountain. It just proves that hope goes long way in shaping our perspective. If you have thrown a coin in a fountain and wished upon it, like everybody else, and believed that you would receive your miracle, time would be the only thing between you and your wish coming true. Never stop believing!!

Now, of many pictures that somehow got deleted, one is left. Here is a fountain at a Mughal garden.


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