History of Language: Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Write a fiction? me?

No, thank you. I would stick to telling an actual story which would save me from the futile attempts at imagining something that is well…. not real.

Once upon a time three years ago, I and my friends were working out a story (oh how ironic!) for this Behavioural science project, we had one every semester and basically we had a few choices to choose from – write a survey report, prepare a survey presentation, come up with creative way to spread the social awareness message, do a role play or make a movie – on the given theme.

You guessed it right, we were trying to create a story because we chose the most fun of all the options – making a movie. How simple, isn’t it? Gather a few people, brainstorm and come up with an amazing yet unique story with a kick of its own that would not be forgotten easily.

See? simple! Not to mention, all that was needed after this initial phase was to assign the characters and start acting in a suitable location while keeping in mind the proper technicalities like the camera, the lighting and sounds.

And the final phase – delivery of the dialogues (or rather, call it the creation of the dialogues-phase), was the most hilarious, fun and innovative of all steps because, we used to write the story but without proper dialogues. Mostly we relied on improv and, as professional amateurs as we were, we never needed more than three takes. Third time was always the charm.

All the credit goes to my direction though (self boasting) not mention it took not more than 4 hours to create a story-line, act on it and record it, but at least four to six hours would go only in editing the whole thing and make an average short video of 15 to 20 minutes only.

Oh yeah, my actors were the best. My friends are really good at taking directions and acting, something I never did so well at, I was fine behind the scenes. But in keeping with the theme of the prompt, in the seventh semester we made our third video, this time was somehow different it felt like a charm so I played a part in it, tiny role but a crucial one.

So, in the first project we worked on the theme -forgiveness leads to anger management. The other time around we worked on something related to psychology, I guess. And the third movie was based on a theme related to specially-abled people.

Now, how could have it been funny? Imagine this. While working on the third theme of specially-abled people, we came up a with a story where a girl is denied admission into a college because her seat was given to someone who is differently abled and therefore the other girl comes into the priority list. So on the first day, the girl who is denied the admission, is super furious when she finds this out.

She somehow, through her influences and connections, gets into the college but soon the surprising turn of events leads our protagonist to meet with a car accident that, leaves her with a broken arm.

Nothing funny so far right? Until, during the shoot, we forgot about the accident and had to use a lab coat for a slingbandage and even more funnier was the expressive actor; using her broken hand in every gesture possible, to make us understand how these temporary hardships from a fracture are making her life miserable. Hahaha!

Anyway, each time we were happy with the outcome – the short-movies – our gems, would make all of us really proud because, we’d learn a little bit more than we could have by just reading about it. Sure, a movie is not as factual as a data analysis report of a survey. However, it gives you a deeper look of the whole scenario, as you have put yourself in those real-life situations instead of just reading about them, and then act accordingly.

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