Take it easy and Take it seriously.

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I was shown a beautiful dream that, when I grow up the world would be at my feet, for some reason I never doubted that. But recently I see the picture is far from real. The young ones need to take it easy and the older ones… well, they just need to take us seriously.

Where is all this coming from? Remember I started working at a new place recently. My first job – yay! – well, turns out a system is a system and all that you hear about being in a working environment is not entirely wrong. Nope, not all grown ups are really mature, in fact very few our in the control of them selves.

For someone who likes to observe and then behave, I am finding people a little more childish or apathetic than I suppose a grown up should be. I thought a grown up knows where they are headed, how is it going and the like. But as I am seeing, working people can be not so easy to be around. Call it the generation gap, if you will?

Obviously, I do not understand them at times and they do not understand my world, but contrary to them being the wise one, I feel I am the one taking it easy while they should be the one doing so. Is it that hard to listen to a newbie!? I would welcome new ideas and new ways anytime, but I guess seniors at any workplace are just not used to change. They need to take us, young people, seriously. Not everyone is a party-head, blabbering things they do not even know about.

All this can get frustrating and not everyone can keep it cool thus, begins the work place politics, the division of people on the basis of ideologies and as far as I now this is not going to result in productivity, but only conflicts. And I thought I was going to work with cool minded, sane people, not hot headed, adamant ones who in addition to that can be slow as well.

So, we need to take it easy – well I try my best. But like any machine – a system needs to run smooth with all its bits and pieces working in, not necessarily perfect, but good harmony we should be taken a little more seriously. I guess caution keeps them a step back from accepting our ways and may be they fear that appreciation might just make us egoistic. If that is the case – stop the generalization and do not ignore the ones who are truly passionate.

2 thoughts on “Take it easy and Take it seriously.

  1. Wise words. Yes, those seniors, they will never change. They have being doing their jobs day for day for years and are always cautious not to make a mistake, so they will not listen to a newbie because the newbie must do it the same way, otherwise it will be their fault if he makes a mistake – get me. I have seen it all and been there. The funny thing is that when the seniors are retired, life goes on as always and they are the past. I would add, I was never like that thank goodness, but then they always looked upon me as something sort of exotic, and they were astonished that I could do my job with no problem.

    • Yes, Mrs A.S. you are absolutely correct, I get your point the seniors do not want our mistakes to mess up with their clean records, and therefore they will be like that. But it is not just the very old ones, rather anyone who has been in a firm for more than a year somehow becomes a “senior to the newbie” hahaha and that is what I find really funny – let the new kid grow!! That is my only thought.

      And I can definitely see you not being like them, you are a cool-cyber-golden-oldie 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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