Still surprises me.

West End Girls” Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live? If it’s difficult for you to discern and describe the different types of classes in your locale, describe what it was like where you grew up — was it swimming pools and movie stars, industrial and working class, somewhere in between or something completely different?

It began with big open places with simple people leading simple life styles and managing ordinary things with a lot of tact. That is country people for you, at least that is what I have experienced, really down to earth, humble, helpful, considerate: good people. I was born in my hometown the abode of Himalayas (lower hills to be precise) or as they call it, the abode of Gods.

Unfortunately, I was born a human so I really do not get to enjoy any magical powers as such. But who needs magic where the surroundings are so captivating; the air as fresh as the shiny dew drops on the greenest grass that you can see every morning when the dawn welcomes you with clear skies and the chirping birds. Let’s make it vivid with a picture.

That's my view from the roof :)

That’s my view from the roof 🙂

The journey has been a little longer than you would presume for a twenty something guy, we moved around a lot and the one and only place that stayed as our home is the house in our hometown. We directly jumped from the scenic valleys to the western deserts.

Yes that was the first time we were outside of our zone – the cold weather – and we ventured into a city in the kutch district that houses the Thar desert. People in the city were rich and lived a very decent life with strict rules, lavish ways and very few also believed that, adding red chilies to their meals would help them sweat a lot  making the body feel cooler – wow so scientific.

It was after two years of being the “west end people” (LOL), we moved to the south and that is where I got to know for the first time what humidity and monsoon actually meant. It rains A LOT there like, it can go up to days and sooner or later everything has to be shut down because of it.

In this very neighbouring city of the “Silicon valley of India”, we witnessed communal violence, nothing bad happened to us and I was anyway too young to be scared of it. Oh the bliss of ignorance! People in here were super intellectual and had their own set of rules for the ways of life. Very different from the northern states. Which goes for any part of this country – it is ultra diverse.

From there to being in the heart of the state I have gathered so many memories that I can simply look back upon and I do really cherish them. In one way, I never really got a stable life, but did get the opportunity to learn and grow through the exposure -One of its kind I would say. Still surprises me!

Present life: People in my previous locale were filthy rich, they had to be… it is the southern part of the capital city after all, nothing comes cheap here not even dreams. But I liked it better there because, they were subtle about it and they valued a person’s nature and education more than the money compared to where I live now.

People here have money (new money? don’t know) sorry but not all are educated. Nope, I do not think they are white collar, never in a million years, the behaviour is not posh. But the cash inflow seems pretty regular, even that still surprises me!


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