At sixteen.

Only Sixteen Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

Ah! to be sixteen… what a wonderful time?! Filled with good times that included friends, fun, food and School there was no place for smart phones, check ins or tagging, Instagram, selfies etc etc. Just plain old fun and only memories to look back upon.

“Oh, finally the board exams are over (they are the equivalent of GCSEs, I guess) and after all the hard work we can finally lift the bans over our social lives.” This is one common thought that every 15-16 year old has because, seriously, passing your tenth grade is a big deal in this part of the world.

Anyone who fares well through these definitely has a triumphant smile over their face – I remember I had. It was all pretty hard earned hence the good results were celebrated. At sixteen, I was into books – the scientific kind, and in eleventh standard I chose the science stream with math and biology as my majors.

They are like the two main, yet opposite subjects, people choose either one not both of them. But as I could not choose anyone, I ended up studying both. Yes, I was a little better in one subject than the other. However, TV too was a big part of my life back then (both the things still are a big part), but yeah life was obviously not so busy as a teenager so I had time for the telly – a lot of time. It taught me a lot and I loved all my programs. I was the cartoon network and Disney kid (such amazing memories are rushing through my head right now!!) It was really good.

It was around this same time that I, for the first time, got into public speaking and that was beginning of the new me. It opened up so many doors of opportunities and learning that I am still grateful for. It is also the age where you learn about relationships so I had a few lessons, scheduled by life, for me as well.

Come to think of it, with so much going on back then, I was more focused, less stressed, never so exhausted and ever so enthusiastic. Au contraire, now a days time simply passes by in a rut and it does not only get exhausting, but intellectually and emotionally non-stimulant too. And that says a lot coming from a twenty something.

World has changed, no scratch that world has changed its pace. if you are not in the race you are no where. Although, I do like to take a back seat because, all the running is useless anyway. Those who know will agree and those who do not will soon do so. Think about it, kids today are born with smart phones not like they do not get a meaningful childhood, they do and it is just hi-tech that is all, but it is just not the same.

No one has the time for the stars and the moons anymore. Kids would rather have a rainfall/snowfall app to enjoy one of those, but when I were sixteen I would watch the rain pour down on Earth, I would inhale fresh air and the petrichor which would feel so very good – it was calming to the senses. How many of today’s kids even have any idea of how does it smell when it rains? Not many I bet. To conclude, I was born in the good old times – lives were simple-ish if not perfectly laid back.


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