It can be risky.

Take a Chance on Me What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

What is life without a little bit of risk? Not that one should live life on the edge, but yes, not grabbing the right opportunity at the right moment could lead to a huge loss and to get your hands on something that every one else has their eyes set on is never easy. We need to be quick, and not just in actions but in decisions as well. This is where the whole risk thing fits in the equation. How do you know it will work out? Well, that is the risk.

We all take chances as and when required and for me each time felt like it was the biggest risk I was taking. It just so happens that life produced with multiple circumstances which required taking the “road not taken” and in all that the previously taken chances did feel like nothing. What is that I actually did? You ask.

Well, I took the risk of growing up, the biggest risk ever taken. I mean, I was at home minding my business but my parents decided to put me in School – a risk that they took on me. Well, It was a good decision and I have come a long way from then. But as it goes, years passed by and growing up sort of became mandatory, while it never looked so appealing to me, I had no other choice.

From School to college it was like a one way street, once in there was no turning back, not that I wanted to go back, but yeah who does not miss what has been taken away from them or something that they had to go away from. Anyway, it all went almost smoothly with the exceptions of a few road bumps on the way, the rest was fine, risky at times but okay.

I also took the risk of letting go. I moved places, I left friends, I left my life as I knew it behind me as if it never happened. I had to move on, to stand on my own feet, to make my own little place in this jungle and to leave a mark of my individuality – I took the chance of not giving into the crowd and staying true to myself – not partying late night, not drinking or smoking just because every other teen thought it was cool. And boy was that tough!

As far as I can remember, It turned out great. After all, what seems impossible or difficult today is done and forgotten tomorrow, we just need to be persistent and with a little perseverance the risks that we take, kind of, sort out themselves on their own. Recently, I took the risk of saying no to various job offers before I settled, mind you ‘settled’ for the one that I accepted and like any other chance I have mixed feelings about this one too, but I constantly remind myself to take it easy.

It is of no use being hard on your own self. Life is actually too short to be stuck in our heads, thinking too much and not taking chances.It only leads us to missing out on “what could have been”. And that is not a good situation to be in. So, let’s just make it happen… as they say seize the day – carpe diem!


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