Matter of the heart.

Decisions, Decisions: How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Easy peasy. I go with my head. No, wait I listen to my inner voices or may be the other way round. I can not really decide. I will make a final statement based on my reasoning that I would apply to my gut feelings. Ha!

Anyway, reasoning and feelings are two sides of the same coin…. No they are not, they have no connections to each other at all. You use logic in logical situations and listen to your voices in matters of heart and feelings. And as they are used in different kind of circumstances they both prove to be critical in making these decisions, decisions.

You fall in love with a person with all your heart, but you pursue it only after your head gets satisfied of certain things. Is that not why they say love is blind? Love is blind because, heart has no eyes – only head does, it has seen too much that can not be unseen. Love, on the other hand, needs no reasons, conditions, explanations etc. thus it is a matter of the pristine heart.


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