Me, Myself, and I.

These Horns Were Made for Tooting: Today, share something you love about yourself  — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.

To be very honest, the only way to be is your own way. There is no one like you and never will be so, accept that, love that, and be genuine. Do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others and never let anyone hurt you, rest will take care of itself.

That is what I love about my self I sort of live by this statement – it makes me feel like I “genuinely” care –  a little too much at times perhaps, but I do care. And that is who I try to be – genuine. More like I strive to be a good human being.

But I guess my friends and family know that. What a lot people do not know is I let people think that I am this gullible and simple personality, while only the closest of my relations know that, it is not so easy to fool me. It may seem easy but it is not.

So who ever takes my kindness for granted, and my silence for weakness is fooling none other than themselves. I have come to learn that to save yourself from the inevitable hurt, that people will definitely cause you sooner or later, you have to keep your eyes and ears open.

Some people won’t even take a second to ditch you or wrong you so it is important, in this world, to keep yourself a step ahead and save yourself of all the trouble by fooling the fool who think they are fooling you. I am proud of the fact that life has shown me a truth as this one and has made me a benevolent person (tooting my horns for sure), but with wits to avoid the brainless.

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