Create your own story.

Phobia, Shmobia: Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I started out easy, being all new.

I have been here a while

Things that I’ve accomplished,

Might be few.

Step and yet another

Up and up we go.

Try and try again

Have it now and have it more.

Somethings will hold you back

Stride because you need to.

Crawl, when you have to.

Then conquer in just one blow.

Legends are not made in one day.

There is lot hidden to what other’s see.

You do not have to show it off.

The scars will do that job.

So be wary, it is not an easy path.

But one that you must tread,

For the beaten one is already taken

Take the other, set your own stage.

Create a story, that is like none other.

I think explaining that, I was a timid kid who has taken active steps/part in coming out of his shell, is a little boring. But seriously I used to wonder how people can speak to an audience, with all eyes looking at them, while they stand all alone on a stage?! How can someone be independent and confident? I was really mesmerised by people who could that or by those who were like that.

I wanted to, so I did, and achieved a little at honing my public speaking skills and there is a lot left to do – I am still a work in progress. Well, strive and you can achieve the impossible, right? After all It is all in our heads, no need to be held back by fears. If I can do it, you can too. So, create a story of your own.

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