Friendships and Ballad of Quintet…

Mountaintops and Valleys: Describe a time when you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down (or vice versa). Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

I love nature, mountains and valleys are the most scenic parts of the nature, the wilderness can be a little intimidating but a view from a distance is always beautiful. I hail from hilly parts of the country and my love for the open skies and deep valleys is just very natural.

On a very different note, life has its ups and downs (how cliche is that!?) but as the prompt mentions – the mountain tops of our lives are the best moments and valleys… Well, I do not really see them as a metaphor for sad moments because, a valley only means you need to trek and climb the next/approaching mountain.

How quickly you go up depends on your own will power, and the love and support you get from you dear ones. And if they helped you climb it once, they sure will be ready to help you again. I have found myself, a few times, quickly switching from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down.

All that I can think of right now is the moment when we had our college farewell party, it is that one day we all wait for – awesome sauce as it is called – It is after final exams that you are asked to come to the college one last time to attend a themed party organised by your juniors and naturally it is they day you dress your best, you act your best and feel so so emotional.

I mean we waited for the college and the classes to end, so that we could enter the real world, but the excitement is met by a sad feeling of leaving your friends and getting distanced form them. Ah! this is so common, everyone can relate. And that is the one day, I vividly remember myself rolling down the mountain top into the valleys (of course figuratively speaking).

This reminds me I found the poem I wrote for my friends – mentioned in this other post.

Here it is…

Ballad of Quintet:

A day begins with the sun, rising up in the sky.

Wanting us to be awake, and take our rides.

We do it as we say, no more are we shy.

As we move on, leaving a trail of memories behind.

Making each day count! Twenty years and on…

Assignments and minor-exams yet ‘tis great how “fun” we sound.

Now here we stand – days passing by.

Each day, reaching a new place.

Wondering; if this is the right pace?

The world is ours… it takes one to one, add to the joy we spread.

And “the flow of ideas” that we create.

Yet so down to earth we stay.

Y’s gestures man foreign language he hates.

Nammo’s jokes, man the brain she has.

Tonya is Tonya in Tonya’s unique style.

And sweet B is just always right!

Writing a poem, ha! How cool we are.

Famous for the fame, कि अपनापन ही लगे प्यारा.*

Better of the good, worst of the bad.

We can make it happening even when the clouds are sad.

Look at the irony, hating on the things we end of loving.

Cheese bursts and samosa chaats, cakes and nacho breaks.

Simply, living a life of a rock star!

PS: * read as (ki apanapan hi lagge pyara)

PPS: *meaning:  Famous for the fame that, we like belongingness only.

PPPS: Most of it could be irrelevant after all it is just full of inside jokes and references.

8 thoughts on “Friendships and Ballad of Quintet…

    • Yes, they did like it and a few still remember it.
      I had to go through all my college-time pictures to find the poem because, we clicked photos of the page that I had written the poem on. Still do not know where the real thing is LOL.
      Thank you for reading it though. 🙂

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