People and things.

Home Turf: Name five things in your house that make it a home.

  1. My family, my loved ones – it’s home wherever they are.
  2. My comfort – my sofa, my fridge, my snacks, my AC, my TV – surrounding me.
  3. The smells – haha this is quite strange, but I am sure a lot of you can relate, your home smells exactly as you like, not too much not too little – just perfect. Be it the potpourri or room fresheners it is your choice of brand and fragrances that you like the most.
  4. The furniture – things have their place and I am used to them being there. Only in my home do I know what is where, and where is what? It is good to have tens of switch boards that need not be located each time your innumerable devices run out of batteries, unlike in a new place or a cave, where you have to struggle.
  5. The most important of all, the bathroom. And you know very well what I mean by that. No place, no matter how good or classy, can ever compare to the contentment that you get after using your own bathroom/loo. It is just easy!

I just realised, I missed cell phone and lap top in the second point. May be because, they are everywhere, you can carry them anywhere – even into the forests and destroy the whole meaning of enjoying the outdoors. Yes, they are quite insignificant to make my house a home. But love and ease/comfort is where your heart is, and as they say home is where your heart is.

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